Music Recommendation – Single – We Came As Romans, Never Let Me Go

I tend to not listen to a lot of Metal, and almost always stay away from Metalcore (which is why I plan on bringing on someone to the site who fills that gap). We Came As Romans is a Metal group that usually sticks to just that, but I think they should just sing and rock more often. This is a great example of the talent that we should hear more from an awesome Metal group.

I read a lot of hate about the song’s distance from true Metal, but as a person who appreciates the sound of vocals over hardcore, I can say that this is some incredible work. The love song is passionate and an excellent listen, though can get a bit old after sitting and listening for a few minutes and the edited pitch can be a bit too robotic for some.

Overall, I would rate the song at 9.5/10. Seriously recommend a listen below, and if you like Metalcore then this band will definitely be a good pick:

-Austin Heath