Throwback Thursday – Eagles

Eagles_greatest_vol_2Wow, I sure did love The Eagles. Then again, who didn’t? Their music has been ageless, particularly their hit Hotel California. Of course I love that track, but I thought I would rank my top 3 by this group.

Normally I do not set up a Throwback Thursday post with more than one song, but I could not decide which of my favorite three by this Rock group to write about. I decided on posting all three in order of favorites and why, similar to an album review. So let’s break them down track-by-track:

3. I Can’t Tell You Why – This was my first Eagles song, at least that I remember. I have my mother to thank for this one, and it has always been one of those songs I love to hear sometimes for no reason. Always an excellent soft-rock hit. 9.25/10

2. Hotel California – Yes, chock me up in the unoriginal fans of Hotel California, which is an incredible song, might I add. Great lyricism, fast pace and features a healthy balance of sound. But of course you probably knew that, for it is still a classic. 9.75/10

1. New Kid In Town – I consider this the best Eagles song, but that may be due to some bias. I felt a lot of emotional connection to this song a few years back, and it has always stood out for helping me through emotional turmoil. The song is absolutely my favorite and definitely perfection of soft-rock. 10/10

I cannot really average out the sound of this group, but I can recommend a trip back down Memory Lane by hearing some of their old hits. This band is a staple in musical history and has always been one of my favorite Rock groups.

You can check out the songs I listed below:

-Austin Heath