Throwback Thursday – Ringo Starr, “Photograph”

ringo-starrOf all of the solo careers after The Beatles, not many think of Ringo Starr. Photograph was a rather successful hit when it came to Ringo’s solo numbers, and the song’s Brass instrument influence and faded vocals most likely have something to do with it.

Photograph was one of my mother’s favorite songs growing up, though I never took the time to actually analyze it until recently. The chorus is catchy, and of a respectful length. The Saxa-bridge is enjoyable, and the instrumentals throughout are solid. Ringo’s vocals are rather rough, however.

So did you like the chorus? Good, because that is the last minute and a half over and over again. I won’t harp on that much, let me just skip right to the rating. Overall, I would rate this song at:


Song’s vocals are rather weak and faded behind so much instruments, though I did enjoy the song’s aura overall. You can check out the song below and take a trip down Memory Lane:

-Austin Heath

Throwback Thursday – The Beatles, Yesterday

the-beatlesI could list my top favorite Beatles songs like I did last week, but I might as well share my undisputed #1 favorite. Yesterday is a popular pick, but regardless it happens to be my favorite song by The Beatles. The song was one of the most influential in my musical passion.

Yesterday was the first Beatles song that I ventured on my own to find, after growing up hearing hits such as Michele (my mother’s name) and Hey Jude (my brother’s name), among others whose names I cannot recall because that do not directly relate to my family. I am not completely sure how I found this favorite, but it made a lasting impression on me and was my favorite song through a tough love crisis.

The song is a slow ballad and really a highly recommended listen. It is rather rare for a person to not have heard this song, being another one of The Beatles #1 hits. Overall, I would rate the song at 9.75/10. I consider this one of the all-time best Beatles tracks, and my only complaint is its length. I always have wanted more, truly. I still think this is worth hearing.

You can listen to the song again (or for the first time) below:

-Austin Heath