Music Recommendation – Single – Twista ft. Tech N9ne, “Crisis”

twistaWant one of those Rap songs that you cannot keep up with? Then Crisis is perfect for you. Tech N9ne starts with a hard verse and transitions into a chorus that is the opposite of easy to remember. Twista’s verse is just as fast and just does not seem to stop. If I could sum up this song in one word, it is skjghiahdfsiosrguigh.

The beat stands out in a bad way at times, and can overcome the already insane verses by Tech N9ne and Twista. These two partner up well together, as proven before, and create a crazy Hip-Hop storm. The song is recent, on Twista’s Dark Horse album but has a classic feel from both artists.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


This song spits some insane lyrics, whose words and message are rather hard to get out of the song. If you like insane and up-beat Rap, this might make you squirm in excitement. You can check out the song and its music video below:

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Music Recommendation – Single – Hopsin ft. Tech N9ne, Rip Your Heart

Rip Your Heart is underrated, and I could even go far as to say it features some of Hopsin’s best raps yet. Of course Hop Is Back might be a close second, but the gritty Rip Your Heart boasts lyricism that stands out from any Hopsin (or Tech N9ne) verse.

A lot of people argue that Hopsin is one of the best rappers currently, and luckily I usually agree. Because unfortunately, if I said before that he was not, this song would prove me wrong. The song is threatening while still motivating and simply jaw-dropping between the speed and lines that spit out of Hopsin’s lines.

Tech N9ne has a huge contribution to this song’s success, but then again I find it hard to discover a sub-par Tech verse. Finding a flaw in Tech N9ne’s music is like finding Waldo in a Martha Stewart Cookbook, that is after months of looking I stil have yet to find either (despite the rumors). It must just be non-existent.

I have been trying to post more about every genre, but often others get left behind, and sadly Hip-Hop has been put on a bit of a back burner. I think that this song will make up for the lacking of Rap music in my recommendations, and I hope to find more this week.

So overall I would rate the song at 9.75/10. The lyrics can go a bit off-subject and feel un-focused, but this is a Rap gem that should have more than 2.5 Million views. So give the song a listen below:

-Austin Heath

Album Review – Tech N9ne, Klusterfuk (EP)

This has been a rough couple of days for me when it comes to new music. RnB is dead right now (I’ve listened to everything from the last week), Hip-Hop has been more of the same (except for a few tracks I am re-reviewing to write about) and I can never find good Pop music. I might as well go back to 2012 and pick out one of my favorite Rap EPs, Klusterfuk.

The entire album was produced by ¡MAYDAY!, who have always had a good relationship with Tech. So let’s break down the album song-by-song keeping that in mind:

1. Klusterfuk ft. Sassy- The album opens with a song named after it, which happens to be my favorite. Tech N9ne actually sings the first few lines, and goes on to rap. The listener really gets a good idea of Tech N9ne’s childhood and I find it an open track. The talking in the end is something you may have to get used to as there are blips of simply talking during a beat throughout the album, but it’s brief and the finale of the song is worth waiting for. 9.5/10

2. Blur ft. Wrekognize – The second song on Klusterfuk starts with what sounds like a phone call between Tech N9ne and Wrekognize. Nothing truly memorable about this song, the hook is decent and Tech sounds impressive. The song is generally focused on living crazy and not remembering it the next day. 8.75/10

3. Can’t Stand Me ft. Krizz Kaliko – I always thought this was a very underrated Tech N9ne song. I thought the raps were rather solid and the hook was always catchy, from both Tech N9ne’s parts and Krizz Kaliko’s brief vocal appearance. This is a typical “Haters hate me” kind of song but it had some excellent flow and a sold hook. The bridge is a bit off-pace from the song, but I would rather hear Krizz than more phone calls or just speaking. I have to say the song does end rather abruptly though, could use some extra length. 9.5/10

4. Ugly Duckling ft. Aqualeo – With another anti-hater song, Tech N9ne brings on Aqualeo on the hook. I was surprised at how long it took for the hook to start, and when it did I guess my hopes were a bit too high. I just don’t really like the chorus by Aqualeo all that much (though is rap verse is pretty excellent). I do like the beat a lot though, I think it goes incredibly well with Tech N9ne’s verses. You can tell there is a lot of passion in this song, which is always refreshing in a rap song. 8.75/10

5. Awkward – I think that ¡Mayday! producing this album makes the difference of whether or not this EP stands out from other Tech N9ne albums. I am a sucker for EPs, as I feel as though more effort is put into each song. I was impressed with the effort put in by both the production and Tech N9ne in this song. Nothing super memorable about this track, but it is an interesting rap song that shows Tech N9ne’s talent even on a chorus. More stories though, but it is more relevant to the song than the others. I actually found it amusing, but I would never play it over and over again. Spoiler Alert: Tech has no tools, he’s got God and angels with him. Now you have to listen to the song to know what I’m talking about. 8/10.

6. D.K.N.Y. ft. Krizz Kaliko – The song starts with that whole talking thing, which again is my biggest complaint on the album. I think the rap starts off strong, and overall the song is solid. It combines rock and rap pretty well. If it didn’t waste the first part of the song narrating, I think this song could be one of the best on the album. 9/10

So overall, that averages out to about somewhere between 8.75 to 9/10. And I do think that is an appropriate area, as the album is pretty consistent and shows some of Tech’s best verses but the unnecessary narration is so uncalled for. My point of writing this was to bring the very unknown Tech N9ne EP to attention. Unfortunately, I don’t have a link to the full album, but I’ll leave the first track on the album below and if you like it I at least recommend listening to my 9’s and above (though it is easy enough to listen to the whole thing):

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Tech N9ne ft. Kendrick Lamar, ¡MAYDAY! & Kendall Morgan, Fragile

I am aware that this song has plenty of listens already, but I really want to put this song in the spotlight for a minute. I heard it for the first time a couple of days ago and really appreciated the message that this track presents.

The song’s goal is to explain how sensitive an artist can be about about their work, and how just a bit of criticism can affect a person’s outlook on their work. Tech N9ne raps about how critics are ruining artists, and asks how they are going to be successful if they are constantly put down.

Both Tech N9ne and Kendrick Lamar have huge verses in this song with passion and without swearing more than necessary. The words both rappers release sound real and authentic, with Kendrick in his best form here. The hook is slow but goes well with the song.

¡MAYDAY! introduces Fragile with his own sung verse. I like how it starts slow and picks up, but I can understand if the lengthy slowness would not at first appeal to Hip-Hop fans. That is why I seriously recommend listening to the song the whole 4:00 through. The music video also has a nice ending so at least watch it for that.

Overall, this song is hard to rate any lower than a 10 because of its excellent message and lyrics, but I would have to give it a 9.5/10 due to the rather slow start the song has, which is not as impressive as after about a minute in. I absolutely think it is worth a listen:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Tech N9ne ft. Hopsin and B.o.B, Am I A Psycho

With Halloween creeping up this month, now is the time to show off the perfect hip-hop song. Am I A Psycho features a few chilling verses from Tech N9ne, Hopsin, and B.o.B. Despite the bizarre statements from the song from all three rappers, it features unmatched and creative raps from all three artists. Am I A Psycho is quite the song, and I’m about to make a bold statement about it.

Earlier today I said in another post that Tech N9ne was one of the all-time greatest rappers, and Hopsin almost made my Top 10. And of course B.o.B is a solid rapper. However, with all three on this track together, I can say that Am I A Psycho is one of the all-time best rap songs to be released in several years.

Every verse is completely original and each passes off the insane act very well in their own different ways. Acting through music is a skill that many artists cannot achieve. It truly is awe-inspiring how deep Tech N9ne, Hopsin (especially) and B.o.B (for a very long time and on the hook) go in.

Overall, I have to give this one a 10/10. Yes, this is one of my top-rated tracks. This already has a lot of views but not nearly enough for a perfect song. I seriously recommend a listen to it below:

-Austin Heath