Music Recommendation – Single – Tinchy Stryder ft. Taio Cruz, Take Me Back

Take Me Back actually took almost a year for me to open up to, but after several curious listens wondering when I would actually start to find it catchy, the music found its way into my heart. Well, not really, but the lyrics got stuck in my head one day, and I gave the song a couple extra head-nodding listens.

I mostly like Tinchy Stryder for his recent track with the Chuckle Brothers ( but this song had some decent rapping. Taio Cruz always had a big part in the hook as well.

I will skip to the rating, as there isn’t much to say. The song is just a bit slow despite the up-paced beat and the rapping almost weighs it down. The song even ends abruptly like two people in a conversation when I step in to talk. Seriously, I am very lonely. However overall, I would rate the song at 8.25/10. I still think it is worth a listen, so check it out below:

-Austin Heath