Music Recommendation – Single – Sherano ft. Amber Revival, Leave It All Behind

sherano-leave-it-all-behindHouse music is to EDM what the saxophone is to Jazz: one of the few reasons that the genre is still relevant to modern Pop music. That being said, I cannot deny that I really like this song. Leave It All Behind is a positive and upbeat House track with a love-based theme that is enjoying to hear for both its beat and corresponding vocals.

Sherano’s vocals are solid and, though they crack a bit, provide a wide outlet of appeal for this song. Amber Revival really makes the duet golden, and as the song continues and she inserts herself into the song, it becomes even more entertaining to hear.

The beat rises throughout each verse, then drops as it transitions into the chorus. The design is rather simple and comparative to the likes of David Guetta and Calvin Harris in its widely like-able design. House music has always been difficult to describe, so forgive me if I cannot get a grip on how I want to word the beat’s sound.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


The song is fun and enjoyable, though the design is not anything hugely new or making a statement. The vocals are, for the most part, well-tuned but feature blips in second-long intervals.

I do enjoy the song, and recommend a listen below:

-Austin Heath