57th Grammy Awards Predictions And Thoughts

grammyI will be going through every Grammy category and post my predictions for the winners. This will be a bit long, so I am adding a “Read More” tag below this paragraph. Keep in mind, just because I post the predictions, does not mean I agree with them. So without further ado, let’s get started:

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Artist Recommendation – Tye James

Meet Tye James, a singer who has covered a few popular hits over the last couple of years or so. His covers are unique in their sound, usually behind an acoustic beat. My favorite is his Break Free cover of the popular Ariana Grande hit.

If I had to compare his voice to anyone, I would say it reminds me of Sam Smith. He reaches incredible heights in his notes and his singing deserves some recognition. I’ll be leaving my favorites of his below, and you can hear more on him on his official YouTube Channel:

Chandalier duet with Allyson Ryan:

-Austin Heath