Music Recommendation – Single – Kid Ink ft. Trey Songz, Juicy J, 2 Chainz, and Chris Brown, “Show Me” (Remix)

show-me-remixIn case the original “Show Me” did not have enough Trey Songz, Juicy J, or 2 Chainz for you, the remix should definitely do its job. I really admire this remix in that it overs a solid rap verse from Juicy J (in fact one of his best), sensual RnB from Trey Songz, and an alternate piece from Kid Ink. Add that with Chris Brown’s already dope role, and subtract a couple of points for 2 Chainz, and you have a remix that gives you everything you may have wanted from the original.

Combining Chris Brown and Trey Songz vocals has proven to be a great thing, but the way that these two overlap on this song turns out incredible. The lyrics feel a bit too raw (and slightly cringeworthy) at times, but these artists are not exactly known for keeping it subtle.

Overall, I would rate the remix at:


You can hear the remix below:

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Hear It First – Tinashe ft. Iggy Azalea, “All Hands On Deck” (Remix)

all-hands-on-deck-remixI actually liked the original “All Hands On Deck”, but Tinashe decided to remind us of the sobering fact that she will be going on tour with Iggy Azalea soon with a perfectly fine song remixed with a rap verse. As Iggy Iggs puts her spin on the song, her role simply gives the song an extra boost in popularity. Sadly, most people did not even consider listening to this song until Iggy was squeezed into 40 seconds of it.

That being said, it may be one of the better contributions by Iggy, so I can’t say she completely ruined it. The remix simply offers nothing more than the original already did. If you’re interested, you can check out the remix below. The original song is still enjoyable, so I recommend looking it up as well. Hear the remix first below:

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Music Recommendation – Single – Waka Flocka Flame, Fire Squad (Remix)

waka-flocka-flameThe “remix” of Fire Squad by the guy famous for hiring a blunt-roller (benefits and everything) is actually not half bad. I have been partial towards a couple of Flocka songs, but this is definitely his strongest verse. The flow is solid and and whole piece stays on focus and feels personal.

Taking a song by J. Cole and attempting to make it better is usually near impossible, but Waka Flocka Flame puts a tough spin on the already dope beat and makes this a mean verse. I am a big J. Cole fanboy, so to take one of his beats and put your own taste onto it can be dangerous. However, despite being quiet for a while, Flocka came back strong.

The “remix” is hardly that, and features no real hook. If something to go back to had been included, I might find this song a bit more appealing. The verse is still his best though, and its over two and a half minutes straight. So overall, I would rate it at:


Flocka still needs a blunt-roller by the way, as he states so at the end of the track. This verse is rather impressive, and while a hook is not really needed, it could have added some extra appeal and made this a perfect Hip-Hop track. This is gangster without being overly-intimidating and unrelateable.

You can stream the Fire Squad “flocmix” below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Ne-Yo ft. Juicy J and T-Pain, She Knows (Remix)

t-painIt’s the T-mix of She Knows that the Hip-Hop fan in you never knew you needed. I have heard quite a few versions of the original She Knows, and while the original hit-maker track was my favorite to this point, this particular remix might top that. T-Pain jumps on the hit and does his part to make it even better.

It is no secret that I enjoy T-Pain’s controversial sound. I also enjoy T-Pain’s voice without autotune. His recent singles such as Stoicville have been impressive without editing or mixing on his voice. However, this song brings the classic T-Pain that Hip-Hop fans have not heard in the last couple of years. I am a fan of both rapper T-Pain and crooner love-singing T-Pain, but this song is impressive to both camps.

The new verse mixes singing and rapping, but the mashup into the track fits well. Especially when the beat intensifies before the hook, the verse climaxes. The song only improves with this verse, and I would easily replace it with Juicy J. Juicy J is, after all, the new Ludacris (finding a spot on every popular song ever).

Overall, I would rate the remix at 9.5/10. The verse starts a bit rough but collects itself, and Ne-Yo’s part of the song is excellent as it was before. You can hear the remix below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Ke$ha ft. Wiz Khalifa, Andre 3000, T.I., and Lil Wayne, Get Sleazy 2.0

get-sleazyBack in 2011, Ke$ha let us know that she did not need your brand new Benz, or your Booshy (???) friends. I have to admit, this remix has some incredible rap verses on it. Wiz Khalifa was in his prime (well, better than he is now), Andre 3000 was Andre 3000 (and still is), T.I. hadn’t fallen off yet, and Lil Wayne has one of his better quick verses on this song. It is quite lovable for any mainstream Hip-Hop/Rap fan.

The winner of each would probably be T.I. if you ask me, mostly because that was one of the first verses that I learned. Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne tie for next, though. I almost wish I could hear a version without Ke$ha, but we have to thank her for the remix. The beat is drum-y and percussion-y as well.

Overall, I would rate the remix at 9.5/10. Ke$ha messes with the song, but otherwise an enjoyable listen. You can check out the song below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Mr. Probz ft. Chris Brown and T.I., Waves (Remix)

Of all of the popular songs on Billboard’s Hot 100, Waves has been my favorite and stayed in that spot for the last several months. There are plenty of fine songs that have popularity, otherwise they would not be selling well (Well, except for Anaconda. I don’t know how that is still there). Waves however appeals to my music tastes the most out of any song.

Naturally, adding two artists I like to an already excellent song can make it even better. Or it can make it worse. Or, there is a third option that is rarely considered: It could still be good, but remain pointless to not listen to the original. I feel as though this remix does that.

The remix is solid overall, especially Chris Brown’s added vocals. T.I.’s rap verse is decent but misplaced, as his is not really the best track to put Hip-Hop into. Chris Brown sounds better than he has in a while, but it is not anything different from what we heard by Mr. Probz.

The song is great and I recommend a listen, but in the end I believe I like the original Waves better. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it; or if you try to fix it, set out to make it better. Even a change in the lyrics by Brown may have made the song better. Overall, I would rate the song at 8.75/10. I love the original Waves, so obviously if you have yet to hear that I would recommend a listen to that first.

So what do we think of the remix? Is it better or worse? Or do you agree that it brings practically the same amount of enjoyment as the original? Let me know what you think and check out the newly-released remix below:

-Austin Heath

Artist Recommendation – Devin Shorey

Devin Shorey is a House artist who specializes in remixing many under-appreciated tracks ranging from Alternative to Hip-Hop. The vibe is very summer-y and submerges the listener into a tropical atmosphere, which seems to be the goal.

The Delaware-based mixer is currently only 19 years old, but has begun his own radio show at Trinity College, where he currently attends. His music taste is similar to my own in several genres, giving him good music picks to remix. The question is, are these cosmetic changes to music enjoyable?

Without a doubt I can say that the music is interesting and unique. While the same design has been recycled for a few of his remixes, I have heard plenty of individual melodies on his tracks as well. The way I see Shorey’s music is that if you like one, you have a good chance of enjoying the others, and vice versa.

Now onto the songs I like the most. My personal favorite remixes are Says She Loves MeI Follow Rivers, Sleepless Pools and Teenage Crime, all of which will be in his playlist below. These all have a similar vibe while being unique from one each other, so do not let the first few seconds make you think otherwise.

Overall, I would rate the artist’s work at 9.25/10. I do like most of the mixes a lot, especially listening to them in warm weather, but I would love to see individual work from him. Also a bit more originality and experimenting with new sounds would be interesting, though I can understand wanting to avoid leaving a comfort zone right away. Playing ice hockey with Shorey was enough for me to know that he was talented, but this is another skill he has seriously applied himself to, and seems to be doing well.

Check out his music from Soundcloud below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Juicy J ft. French Montana, LoLo Monroe, Wiz Khalifa, and B.o.B, Bandz A Make Her Dance (Remix)

I think we can all agree one of the most annoying trends of 2012 was the Bandz A Make Her Dance craze. That being said, one good thing did come out of it: The remix. No, not the one with Lil Wayne, or any others that I have heard except for the one I am writing about now.

Normally I would make a snarky sarcastic remark, but I do want to focus on this track as I have a lot to say about it. Poor French Montana slips his way onto songs with artists who I actually like as if he’s nudging me like “Will you talk to me now please?” to which I respond “Ugh, fine.” But this is only because this is one of the few decent French Montana verses. I did say decent though, that does not mean I want to go to your house for a sleepover.

LoLo Monroe, meanwhile, came out of nowhere. I had never heard of her and just assumed when I first heard of this remix that she would be similar to a Honey Cocaine clone, where I would have walked away immediately. I was pleasantly surprised by her verse, which may be my favorite on the song.

Wiz Khalifa raps about things that aren’t weed (well, mostly). That’s different, but the verse is a little overrated. I hear a lot of people talk about how his verse was the best, to which I respond a firm “hahahahaha no.” His flow is decent but the verse just feels like it is topically all over the place. At least the other verses stay on focus (for the most part). I do not want to say it is the worst, but I just feel like anyone who says Wiz Khalifa’s Bandz A Make Her Dance verse is better than LoLo Monroe or B.o.B is doing the listening thing wrong.

Speaking of B.o.B, his verse is excellent. B.o.B has the power to either seriously surprise me or just make me slouch back and click out of my YouTube tab (See Not For Long or Play The Guitar, but I still say that Play My Guitar was one of my favorite Andre 3000 raps. Actually that’s a good song to go listen to, B.o.B’s raps aren’t great but hey Andre 3000 is in it). So back to reviewing Play Th – Bandz A Make Her Dance, I mean. B.o.B sounds good if not more of the same above.

Juicy J gives us another rap verse that sounds much better than the original in my opinion, but I have heard others say he put his better work in the first. So if I had to rank these artists in the song, it would have to be:

1. LoLo Monroe

2. B.o.B

3. Juicy J

4. Wiz Khalifa

5. French Montana

None of the verses are really bad, but sorry French, our relationship is going to be a long and bumpy road if you want to gain my love. Overall, I would rate the song at about 9.5/10. I think I have gone over everything, 500 words later. Give the remix a listen below:

-Austin Heath

P.S. Oh and might as well listen to Play The Guitar, which I may or may not rate at 8. – no, just sharing the song for Andre 3000’s part:

Music Recommendation – Single – Chris Brown ft. Trey Songz, Studio (Remix)

While I praised Songs On 12 Play with Trey Songz, Chris Brown’s other remix collaborations with the RnB hearthrob have been sub-par. Studio however provides a remix that we would hope to hear after praying for a Brown/Songz collaboration. The problem with their sound together is that they both seem to try to out-Hip-Hop each other, even though their talent is in their RnB music.

Studio does have a Hip-Hop vibe to it, especially because of the beat, but the song has some RnB influence in the vocals. The sexual tone sounds less subtle and more like a rap song, but both sound great together when they sing. As the song progresses the RnB voices of Brown and Songz tend to show more.

Overall, I would rate the song at 8.5/10. I love that these two are making music together, but I want more RnB than Hip-Hop. My hope is that we’ll get more songs like Songs On 12 Play and more pleasurable ballads with less sexual messages. I still think it is worth a listen though:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Flux Pavilion, Star Wars Rebels: Rebels Theme (The Ghost Remix)

A few weeks ago, Lucasfilm and Disney had actually asked Flux Pavillion to remix the Star Wars Rebels theme. He turned it into an actual EDM song, which is kind of crazy. Of course it features lots of blaster and even Wookiee sounds. Pretty rad right?

The song itself is not as spectacular as I expected, especially as Flux Pavillion stated it would not be like his hit dubstep tracks. However it is pretty solid and an interesting listen at the very least. The beat drops are solid but it gets pretty old and repetitive after only a couple of minutes. If I had to rate it as a regular song (though I consider this a special case), I would give it an 8.25/10. See what you think of it below:

-Austin Heath