Music Recommendation – Single – Quincy ft. French Montana, Friends First

quincyDisclaimer: I add the tags and categories to the article before I begin writing the body. Therefore, I can admit that I am rather peeved that “French Montana” automatically pops up for both when I just type the letters “F” and “R” in said order. When I launched a music lifestyle blog, one of my ambitions was to avoid that name. So expect some dry, slightly irritated wit.

“Hah” or otherwise known as French Montana’s calling card is frequently used to make sure you know your favorite song is about to be trashed, and this sound is featured after every line in his verse. I can just state this now and not ruin the rest of the article: French Montana’s verse is off-focus, has an awful flow, and is classic French Montana. The verse weighs down an otherwise gorgeous track.

Now, the positive and cheery stuff. Quincy has an elegant voice that is harmonized and pitched well to make a lyrically solid love song. However, Friends First is aimed towards suggesting a slow attempt at a relationship and sexual orientation, by starting out as friends. Oh, excuse me, I dropped my testicles outside and am fumbling around for them like lost keys. This song is not for me, I only listen to real stuff about one-night stands and hot ladies.

All jokes aside, I can appreciate the subject and tone of the song and hope that others take to it despite the popular “I want in her pants” theme of most Rap music. Kudos to Quincy, who happens to be Diddy’s step-son, for experimenting lyrically with his real and relateable words. #KeepingItReal

So let’s wrap this long article up. Overall, I would rate the song at:


The song would absolutely move up if French Montana was pushed out of it. Quincy’s sound is entrancing and I will keep a close eye on his upcoming music the next few months. Christian Davis produces the song, and its simplicity makes it easy to listen to. If you can look past French Montana’s role (and even enjoy it) then this RnB hit will be the one for you.

Don’t be shy, you can stream the song below:

-Austin Heath