Music Recommendation – Single – Punch ft. Kendrick Lamar, 25

25-punchFresh off the Hip-Hop grill is the sobering 25 by Punch, featuring Kendrick Lamar on the hook. While at first I felt the urge to click away from the song, I was glad I stuck around to listen to the track in full. This song will have to grow on you, but I feel most Hip-Hop/Rap fans will appreciate the meaning and subject behind the lyrics.

Punch raps on about how most did not expect him or his friends to survive past 25 years old, or that they would be deadbeats. He looks back and recognizes those who tried to pull him down. The introduction in the first 30 seconds sets the tone and the beat samples classic 90’s and early 2000’s Hip-Hop.

As the first verse continues, Punch’s sound begins to remind me of Mobb Deep. I aim that as a serious compliment. Kendrick Lamar enters and his role reminds me of his sound on Flying Lotus’ Never Catch Me. The lyrics stay relevant and deep, though I have read that these verses may recycle a couple of already-used lines. Rumors are rumors, but noone wants to come close to ripping off other artists unless you want instant hate.

There is something about this track that combines the throwback sound of Rap with modern Hip-Hop and its signature beats, making this an enjoyable song. Overall, I would rate it at:


The song’s flow in the first verse starts out a bit rough, but comes together and becomes a solid track. The beat is unique yet classic. I think this is a Rap song definitely not worth sleeping on. You can check it out below:

-Austin Heath