Music Recommendation – Single – MIKA ft. Ariana Grande, “Popular Song”

MIKAThis time, sit back, grab some popular corn, and enjoy music from that guy that sang that annoying song in middle school. Popular Song is probably the most popular music recommendation I have, but the song is extremely catchy and has been one of my favorites from the last year.

Ariana Grande and MIKA create an up-tempo Pop hit about how people with fame and popularity trump and outshine those who do not. Of all singers, Ariana Grande would not be my pick for the second half of this song. That is like hiring Donald Trump to sing a duet about the mental difficulty that comes with firing somebody.

Regardless, the song’s vocals are a bit raw at times then over-edited at others. Ariana Grande always sounded fine, but MIKA’s voice stands out like a sore larynx. The bass is nice in some headphone sets, terrible in others. It is all about preference at that point.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


Vocals are a bit misplayed and the song as a whole is very layered with noise, but the song is easy to listen to and has a wonderful tone. The subject has some holes, but regardless, the concept is meant for good. Again, this is a bit of a popular song (yar-har, bad humor is the best humor) but if you have yet to hear it then check out the song below:

-Austin Heath