Music Recommendation – Multiple – Mat Kearney, “One Black Sheep”; “Just Kids”

mat-kearneyMat Kearney has been bringing on new singles and I felt like both deserved mentioning. I don’t think I could make a snarky sarcastic crack on this guy, as he always seems like such a cool and nice dude. His music feels genuine and has an energy to it that makes it some of the last good stuff left in Soft-Rock.

Both songs are soley done by Kearney and neither has a feature. So let’s go through each of these songs and break them down:

1. One Black Sheep – The motivating One Black Sheep deals with being different and handling it. Again, I love Mat Kearney’s song lyrics and the tone in which he presents it is superb. While I have to say I like the “oomm-bada-ba-dae” part, I can see others not enjoying it. The song is a bit more Pop-y and is similar to how Ships In The Night sounded. Overall, I would rate it at:


2. Just Kids – Just Kids is a bit longer and is focused more on love than One Black Sheep was. The song slows down a bit and features an estimated 43% more piano. I also liked the Wu-Tang Clan reference. The vocals are a bit raw on this song compared to his other music, but the distorted vocals on the chorus are definitely worth the wait. I like listening to One Black Sheep better, but I do appreciate the lyricism and sound of Just Kids and how each is different but manage to be good songs. Overall, I would rate this one at:


So these two average out to 8.75/10. Both songs are relatively recent releases, so you can enjoy hearing them early as well. I recommend listening to both, so go ahead and check them out below:

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Favorites Friday – Mat Kearney, Ships In The Night

There are two types of people: People who do not like Ships In The Night, and lying bastards. Well, at the very least you cannot not like Mat Kearney. My girlfriend showed me this song ages ago, but it always stuck with me.

While I have not listened to it much recently, I have to admit that it did stay one of my favorites for a while. I was glad that it caught on and seemed to become popular, but always hoped it would gain more fame. It’s a catchy song and has some killer songwriting.

I won’t harp much on the song because I do not have much time today. Vocals are a little rough but otherwise this is an excellent song, and if you have yet to hear it, I suggest a listen. If I had to rate it, I would give it a 8.5/10. Give it a listen below:

-Austin Heath