Artist Recommendation – King Heartbreaker

King-HeartbreakerThis may or may not come as a surprise to you, but I enjoy RnB music. Shocker, right? I found King Heartbreaker on Twitter, an ideal spot for my research. His RnB sound in Big Daddy instantly pulled me in to find more, and I discovered that the electro-RnB sound of King Heartbreaker was absolutely worth writing about.

I will warn any listener that RnB is not an easy genre to adapt or adjust to; Most people find the genre too slow or boring for listening. King Heartbreaker’s music features a slow pace and sexual themes explaining his love for someone and his desire to get them into bed. He is basically the definition of modern RnB, and his mixtape RnB Shxt can attest to that.

The whole mixtape is solid and was an enjoyable listen, but I want this article to focus on my favorite music from the artist. He began working alone in 2011 and released Do To You, following up his success with that song by releasing a mixtape with serious production put into it. Amongst this mixtape are some very great tracks, including Control and Y. Big Daddy, its own single separate from the mixtape, is also worth checking out.

Overall I would rate the Memphis-born RnB singer’s sound at 8.75/10. His music can have a bit too much work edited over it, but it still is excellent for any RnB fan. His pure voice reminds me of Usher or Eric Bellinger, which I would love to hear more of. His story is fascinating and inspiring, so you can read his full bio at his website here. I recommend at the very least listening to my favorites (Control, Y, and Big Daddy) below:

-Austin Heath