Music Recommendation – Single – Jasmine V ft. Jeremih and Problem, “One Night”

Jasmine-V-One-NightI covered Jasmine V’s debut EP That’s Me Right There months back, but I had to give her first single for her first studio album a write-up as soon as I heard it. The song aims at a more low-key and sensual tone, and Jasmine V pulls it off quite well. Her voice gets low and gives her sound a bit of a Hip-Hop vibe as she requests her man stays “just one night”.

Jeremih finds a suitable spot on the song, and while the build-up for his role makes the listener giddy, his stanza is ultimately underwhelming. Problem is basically non-existent, and the song would have been just as well with only Jasmine’s vocals.

Production does its job of manufacturing the classic “Make this a hit” Hip-Hop beat, though I do find it fitting to Jasmine’s sound. Overall, I would rate the song at:


This is a solid start to Jasmine V’s debut, but some aspects of it just feel forged. The features, the lyrics, all do not feel genuine. That’s Me Right There had a more personal way about it that I hope Jasmine V sticks to, as her voice is able to convey her emotion quite well.

You can check out the new song below and see what you think:

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Music Recommendation – Single – DJ Carisma ft. Tory Lanez, Sage The Gemini, Eric Bellinger, and Mishon, “Anyway”

anywayThe biggest reason I listened to this song, besides the success of DJ Carisma’s last collaboration (which you can check out here), was how this song managed to take three of my favorite underrated RnB singers and put them together on a track. While Tory Lanez sounds a bit too much like Jeremih for my taste, this song is gold for any modern RnB fan.

DJ Carisma does a great job of combining a unique sound with the signature DJ Mustard beat (you know what I’m talking about). It may stick out at first, but it adapts to the vocals very well. All three sung portions sound solid, if not slightly over-autotuned and the hook is almost too catchy (at least for a white boy like myself). Sage The Gemini’s verse is timed right, as I don’t think I would enjoy the song as much if it were any longer. It’s a nasty stanza, but in comparison to the other artists on the “Anyway” Team, I needed it to be quick.

Overall, I would rate this song at:


If you don’t like autotuned vocals, I would keep scrolling. DJ Carisma has proven now, however, that she is an expert at putting together a perfect group for a song. I love RnB, so this may be biased, but her contributions so far has been impressive.

You can check out the song below:

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Music Recommendation – Single – Jeremih ft. J. Cole, “Planes”

jeremihSince we are skipping the intro, let’s just act like the song starts at about 17 seconds in. The song’s lyricism takes quality over quantity and shoves it down Jeremih’s throat as he spits it back out. The music is catchy and could be fun to play back and enjoy after retaining the words. J. Cole’s role, however, is definitely the highlight of this track.

The song just released early this week, and if you have not kept track, lately I have written about J. Cole quite a lot. His verse has a sing-songy but rhythmatic tone to it and feels more on-subject than Jeremih’s lyrics. The song is mostly interesting due to his feature, but I can find the appeal in both roles.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


You can check out the new song and hear it first below:

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Music Recommendation – Single – Ashanti ft. Jeremih, Love Games

I just wrote about Ashanti and French Montana’s track, Early In The Morning, but I definitely think this one is the best on the album. Jeremih and Ashanti sound great together and a listener can get a good idea of Ashanti’s sound through it.

Not much to say about the song, it’s basically a love duet between Jeremih and Ashanti. I’ve always said Jeremih’s music sounds a bit rough and coarse, and I have the same complaint with this. However I do like this track and think it is worth a listen.

Overall, I would rate the song at about 9/10. Give it a listen below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Jeremih, Nobody But You

Jeremih follows up his hit Don’t Tell ‘Em with Nobody But You. First off, let me say I love the Motivation reference he makes, and I actually like a lot about this song. The hook is fire, but there are some parts I am not so fond of.

For me, the “You, yeah yeah yeah yeah” at the end of the hook bothers me. Parts of his first couple of verses just sound very off-key and do not flow with the beat well, which is unfortunate. However if you liked Don’t Tell ‘Em, you will most likely really appreciate this track as well. As for me, I was neutral on that one, and I feel the same about this track.

This one has plenty of plays despite just being released a couple of days ago, so it’s hard to say how successful it’ll be. However, there have been plenty of views suggesting that it has been given a chance with over 50,000 listens. My personal rating for it is 8/10 mostly due to my minor complaints, but I recommend a listen below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Kelly Rowland ft. Mario, R. Kelly, Jeremih, The Dream, Busta Rhymes & Trey Songz

Motivation was one of my favorite songs for a while when it was popular in 2011, but the legendary remix featuring a handful or RnB greats found me over a year after I heard the original for the first time. I’m sure you can guess which version I prefer.

While I’m sure plenty of people have heard this one, I recently researched it to give it a final listen for a long time as I hadn’t cared much about the song for a while. It appealed to me so much yet again that I had to add it to my favorites playlist (my inspiration for many of these posts), and I felt it would be a good idea to write about it.

Each verse carries the same perspective of the guy in the original Motivation song. Kelly Rowland has little part in this remix, but her vocals help the other artists shine plenty. I almost feel bad for wanting to cut her out of her own song. More or less each RnB favorite brings their own version of sex with Kelly Rowland in the song, but Mario starts the song off so strong it almost puts your expectations for the rest too high. R. Kelly, Jeremih, and The Dream bring excellent vocals to their versions while Busta Rhymes’ verse is rapped in the usual Busta Rhymes manner.

At the end, Trey Songz caps the remixes edited together with a sound that comes close behind Mario’s entrance. He is the biggest reason to wait for the end of the song if you don’t like the start. His voice with Kelly’s makes this part sound more like a duet than the others.

My overall rating for this song is 9.5/10. Some of the vocals feel forced onto the original track and edited when they don’t need to be, but the sound is incredibly RnB and features one of the greatest collaboration in modern RnB. Give it a listen below and be prepared for a little bit of explicit content:

-Austin Heath