Music Recommendation – Single – Jasmine V ft. Jeremih and Problem, “One Night”

Jasmine-V-One-NightI covered Jasmine V’s debut EP That’s Me Right There months back, but I had to give her first single for her first studio album a write-up as soon as I heard it. The song aims at a more low-key and sensual tone, and Jasmine V pulls it off quite well. Her voice gets low and gives her sound a bit of a Hip-Hop vibe as she requests her man stays “just one night”.

Jeremih finds a suitable spot on the song, and while the build-up for his role makes the listener giddy, his stanza is ultimately underwhelming. Problem is basically non-existent, and the song would have been just as well with only Jasmine’s vocals.

Production does its job of manufacturing the classic “Make this a hit” Hip-Hop beat, though I do find it fitting to Jasmine’s sound. Overall, I would rate the song at:


This is a solid start to Jasmine V’s debut, but some aspects of it just feel forged. The features, the lyrics, all do not feel genuine. That’s Me Right There had a more personal way about it that I hope Jasmine V sticks to, as her voice is able to convey her emotion quite well.

You can check out the new song below and see what you think:

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Album Review – Jasmine V, That’s Me Right There (EP)

I am a human of the male gender, therefore I will have at least some attraction to Jasmine Villegas. Fun fact: Jasmine V was the star of Justin Bieber’s Baby music video; You know, the girl that made “pretending” to hate Justin Bieber look easy. Maybe it’s because she did not have to pretend…

On that note, Jasmine V’s new EP That’s Me Right There is not her first impression on the music industry, but it does show a transformation on her part. This EP reveals a more adult and mature version of Jasmine, and features a prominent RnB sound throughout. Now let us break down this EP track-by-track:

1. That’s Me Right There ft. Kendrick Lamar – Already reviewed it here, and while I stand by that review, I want to add that this song features an excellent Kendrick Lamar verse and really grew on me to become one of my favorite songs recently. Therefore I recommend a second listen along with this album if you have already heard it.

2. Me Without You – While the first track may be a good start, Me Without You comes up close to beating it out. It is an upbeat RnB track that resembles Ne-Yo’s charm. The beat feels a bit misplaced though, but I can appreciate the focus on Jasmine’s voice. 8.75/10

3. Walk Away – Despite That’s Me Right There‘s excellent intro into the album, I believe Walk Away is the best song on the EP. The EDM twist on Jasmine V’s sound is excellent and makes this one of the catchiest songs she has released. The first beat drop hardly changes the pace, but the second really picks up the song and makes it stand out amongst the rest. Definitely a solid listen, 9.5/10

4. I Love Your Crazy – The songs starts out slow and melodious, but picks up pace and features the “snap, pop” beat that we have grown accustomed to in RnB. Jasmine V’s voice should not be autotuned in this song, as it just does not fit. The hook is brief and is easy to miss, making it a bit rough to listen to. Regardless, it is still serves it purpose as existing to be a slow jam. 8/10

5. Who That – While the grammar in Who That may be slightly wrong, the song works out a solid pace and picks up slow enough to make it interesting. The lyricism is disappointing and the most appealing part of the song is the beat. How Who That was able to be 4:30 long but I Love Your Crazy is almost half of that is baffling to me. The song can be appealing to RnB listeners but I was disappointed with the EP’s closing out with such an un-catchy hook and over-edited vocals. 6.75/10

So that averages out to a little under 8.5/10, which is rather accurate. The focus is generally on Jasmine V’s vocals, and I know she has singing talent as per her covers; however, her voice has been seriously over-edited at points and production just worked too hard. The final two songs just disappoint after the first three make this appealing.

I recommend at least listening to the first three tracks, but the other two are not worth sleeping on either per say. I like the EP as a whole, but hope to hear more pure sound from Jasmine V’s next works in music. In the meantime, go ahead and stream the EP below (You can also find it on iTunes here):

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Jasmine V and GOLDEN, Me And My Broken Heart (Cover)

These two have a few covers together, but I believe their remix of Me And My Broken Heart is their best. The beat gets a bit of a summer-y change-up and the vocals keep the song switching sound often. But voices compliment each other well, but Jasmine V’s voice sounds (and looks) absolutely stunning.

When it comes to covers, this song is impressive. My only complaint would be the conflicting sounds by the two singers on the bridge. The “It’s just me” sounds a little off-tune by both performers. Otherwise, the song is an enjoyable cover and I recommend a listen.

Overall, I would rate it a 9/10. Go ahead and give the cover a listen below, and recommend a listen to their other duets:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Jasmine V ft. Kendrick Lamar, That’s Me Right There

I could tell when I first heard That’s Me Right There that it would be a banger RnB track. Jasmine V did not fail that, and Kendrick Lamar only gives the song more hype. This gives listeners a preview of her upcoming album this November, featuring artists including Ne-Yo and Problem.

The song uses a mix of RnB and Hip-Hop to make a killer beat, though a bit lazy at times with the same sound throughout. Kendrick’s verse is solid but does not live up to his usual standard. Jasmine is definitely the star of this song and gives it some serious character.

Overall, I would rate the song at 8.75/10. Jasmine V shows that she’s all grown up and brings on a sick rap verse to support the track, but there are a few flaws that I hope to see trend less in the other album’s tracks. Give it a listen below and see what you think:

-Austin Heath