Artist Recommendation – Devin Shorey

Devin Shorey is a House artist who specializes in remixing many under-appreciated tracks ranging from Alternative to Hip-Hop. The vibe is very summer-y and submerges the listener into a tropical atmosphere, which seems to be the goal.

The Delaware-based mixer is currently only 19 years old, but has begun his own radio show at Trinity College, where he currently attends. His music taste is similar to my own in several genres, giving him good music picks to remix. The question is, are these cosmetic changes to music enjoyable?

Without a doubt I can say that the music is interesting and unique. While the same design has been recycled for a few of his remixes, I have heard plenty of individual melodies on his tracks as well. The way I see Shorey’s music is that if you like one, you have a good chance of enjoying the others, and vice versa.

Now onto the songs I like the most. My personal favorite remixes are Says She Loves MeI Follow Rivers, Sleepless Pools and Teenage Crime, all of which will be in his playlist below. These all have a similar vibe while being unique from one each other, so do not let the first few seconds make you think otherwise.

Overall, I would rate the artist’s work at 9.25/10. I do like most of the mixes a lot, especially listening to them in warm weather, but I would love to see individual work from him. Also a bit more originality and experimenting with new sounds would be interesting, though I can understand wanting to avoid leaving a comfort zone right away. Playing ice hockey with Shorey was enough for me to know that he was talented, but this is another skill he has seriously applied himself to, and seems to be doing well.

Check out his music from Soundcloud below:

-Austin Heath