Music Recommendation – Single – Quincy ft. French Montana, Friends First

quincyDisclaimer: I add the tags and categories to the article before I begin writing the body. Therefore, I can admit that I am rather peeved that “French Montana” automatically pops up for both when I just type the letters “F” and “R” in said order. When I launched a music lifestyle blog, one of my ambitions was to avoid that name. So expect some dry, slightly irritated wit.

“Hah” or otherwise known as French Montana’s calling card is frequently used to make sure you know your favorite song is about to be trashed, and this sound is featured after every line in his verse. I can just state this now and not ruin the rest of the article: French Montana’s verse is off-focus, has an awful flow, and is classic French Montana. The verse weighs down an otherwise gorgeous track.

Now, the positive and cheery stuff. Quincy has an elegant voice that is harmonized and pitched well to make a lyrically solid love song. However, Friends First is aimed towards suggesting a slow attempt at a relationship and sexual orientation, by starting out as friends. Oh, excuse me, I dropped my testicles outside and am fumbling around for them like lost keys. This song is not for me, I only listen to real stuff about one-night stands and hot ladies.

All jokes aside, I can appreciate the subject and tone of the song and hope that others take to it despite the popular “I want in her pants” theme of most Rap music. Kudos to Quincy, who happens to be Diddy’s step-son, for experimenting lyrically with his real and relateable words. #KeepingItReal

So let’s wrap this long article up. Overall, I would rate the song at:


The song would absolutely move up if French Montana was pushed out of it. Quincy’s sound is entrancing and I will keep a close eye on his upcoming music the next few months. Christian Davis produces the song, and its simplicity makes it easy to listen to. If you can look past French Montana’s role (and even enjoy it) then this RnB hit will be the one for you.

Don’t be shy, you can stream the song below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Wash ft. Trey Songz, Lonely

washMy return to AMP will be strong with a new release that is easily becoming my favorite song. Wash returns from his success on Don’t Trust Thots with French Montana by creating an even better follow-up in Lonely. The song is great RnB listening with Trey Songz carrying plenty of the song.

Lately, Trey has really fallen off. I have been disappointed with much of his recent work, especially his album Trigga. However, his part in Lonely alongside Wash and over a beat with production by Maejor Ali is superb and gives me the funny, completely heterosexual feeling I get when listening to his voice.

Meanwhile, Wash sounds solid and his voice is well ranged. I believe I will appreciate his voice on a song outside of this one. Oh, and I am always impressed with Maejor’s production work, so there’s that.

The vocals can be over mixed a little, but the love song is catchy and enjoyable. Wash sounds incredibly similar to Trey, so this duet was an excellent match. If you enjoy Trey Songz’s voice, it will be hard not to love Wash’s.

Overall, I would rate the song at 9.5/10. I am in a committed relationship with RnB, so it should be predicted that I will recommend this to a fellow RnB fan. The general appeal seems like it can reach outside this group though. You can check out the song below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Juicy J ft. French Montana, LoLo Monroe, Wiz Khalifa, and B.o.B, Bandz A Make Her Dance (Remix)

I think we can all agree one of the most annoying trends of 2012 was the Bandz A Make Her Dance craze. That being said, one good thing did come out of it: The remix. No, not the one with Lil Wayne, or any others that I have heard except for the one I am writing about now.

Normally I would make a snarky sarcastic remark, but I do want to focus on this track as I have a lot to say about it. Poor French Montana slips his way onto songs with artists who I actually like as if he’s nudging me like “Will you talk to me now please?” to which I respond “Ugh, fine.” But this is only because this is one of the few decent French Montana verses. I did say decent though, that does not mean I want to go to your house for a sleepover.

LoLo Monroe, meanwhile, came out of nowhere. I had never heard of her and just assumed when I first heard of this remix that she would be similar to a Honey Cocaine clone, where I would have walked away immediately. I was pleasantly surprised by her verse, which may be my favorite on the song.

Wiz Khalifa raps about things that aren’t weed (well, mostly). That’s different, but the verse is a little overrated. I hear a lot of people talk about how his verse was the best, to which I respond a firm “hahahahaha no.” His flow is decent but the verse just feels like it is topically all over the place. At least the other verses stay on focus (for the most part). I do not want to say it is the worst, but I just feel like anyone who says Wiz Khalifa’s Bandz A Make Her Dance verse is better than LoLo Monroe or B.o.B is doing the listening thing wrong.

Speaking of B.o.B, his verse is excellent. B.o.B has the power to either seriously surprise me or just make me slouch back and click out of my YouTube tab (See Not For Long or Play The Guitar, but I still say that Play My Guitar was one of my favorite Andre 3000 raps. Actually that’s a good song to go listen to, B.o.B’s raps aren’t great but hey Andre 3000 is in it). So back to reviewing Play Th – Bandz A Make Her Dance, I mean. B.o.B sounds good if not more of the same above.

Juicy J gives us another rap verse that sounds much better than the original in my opinion, but I have heard others say he put his better work in the first. So if I had to rank these artists in the song, it would have to be:

1. LoLo Monroe

2. B.o.B

3. Juicy J

4. Wiz Khalifa

5. French Montana

None of the verses are really bad, but sorry French, our relationship is going to be a long and bumpy road if you want to gain my love. Overall, I would rate the song at about 9.5/10. I think I have gone over everything, 500 words later. Give the remix a listen below:

-Austin Heath

P.S. Oh and might as well listen to Play The Guitar, which I may or may not rate at 8. – no, just sharing the song for Andre 3000’s part:

Music Recommendation – Single – Ashanti ft. French Montana, Early In The Morning

Normally I would never come close to mentioning a song with French Montana, as I cannot stand him. Yet I was intrigued by this song. I like the idea of autotuning the rapper’s voice and putting him on the hook, making him sound almost identical to Future (and not a bad Future song either).

While this is a typical RnB love song, it is rather catchy until about 2:45. Then rapping ensues. While it is definitely not Montana’s worst verse, and it’s rather short, I would’ve preferred if he stayed on the hook. Sadly Ashanti disappointed me a little, which is rare.

This is, in my opinion, one of the better songs on the singer’s most recent album, Braveheart. The music video for it just released today, so clearly I’m not alone on that one. I will most likely review a couple of songs from the album over time, but not the whole LP.

As for the song, I would rate it at around 8.5/10. Good listen, I was impressed by the hook and hope French Montana does that more instead of rapping. You can listen below:

-Austin Heath