Music Recommendation – Single – Olly Murs ft. Travie McCoy, Wrapped Up

The last song on the Olly Murs list is Wrapped Up, which changes things up by featuring Travie McCoy. Now Travie McCoy has seriously impressed me on some songs (Like Pretty Girls) and other times just does not live up to the hype (like Ass Back Home). So does he do the trick?

Well let’s start with Olly Murs. He sounds like what we’ve come to love from the last two articles. This sounds more like Troublemaker than these two though, as if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The more upbeat love song has a super catchy hook though and is the song that I think would get the most attention of the three that I have posted.

Oh yeah, and Travie McCoy sounds okay. I don’t think his verse is anything spectacular but it does its part, just like Flo Rida did on Troublemaker. A bit off-topic at times, and some of the lines just do not make much sense. But then again, remember kids, repetition is power.

I harp on Pop music a lot, but obviously it is popular for a reason. This song has been stuck in my head all day and held a knife to me until I added it to my favorites playlist. So overall I would rate the song at 9.25/10. I recommend a listen below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Kevin Rudolf ft. Flo Rida, You Make The Rain Fall

I always liked Kevin Rudolf’s Let It Rock, but my favorite song by the pop-rock-butmorepop singer was You Make The Rain Fall. This song is also home to my favorite Flo Rida verse, a song-speech set up (note that song-speech is actually the original word for poetry in Anglo-Saxon. Knowledge is power kids).

There is something about the lyricism of the track that always stood out for me. The hook has some length in words, but it’s worth it when repeating it back and rocking out. Flo Rida’s verse is excellent as well, though his voice crack makes you kind of want to clear your throat.

The song has never seen much popularity, save for a brief chart appearance on Canada’s Hot 100. Another fun fact is it also served as the theme song for Season 3 of WWE NXT. Okay, one more: Kevin Rudolf had a part in producing the song, which is pretty neat.

Overall, I would have to rate the song at about 9.75/10. There are a lot of good qualities to this song and it can appeal to a huge variety of audiences, similar to Let It Rock (but better in my opinion).

So go give it a listen and if you never heard Let It Rock might as well hear that one as well:

-Austin Heath