Artist Recommendation – iamjdub

I recently posted on my Twitter account that if you were an unsigned or upcoming artist, I wanted to give your music a listen and see if it was worth writing about. After a few messages I did stumble upon someone who I thought really deserved some extra recognition.

Meet iamjdub, a remixer/DJ who’s goal is to show his unique perspective of the world through music and provide a track that gives you chills. He definitely succeeded when I first listened, when I gave his song First Light a hear. His remixes often slow down the track and add some piano notes, as well as add some dubstep to popular tracks.

My favorites by him are First Light, his Wicked Games remix (which is incredibly original) and his I Need Your Love remix. The work iamjdub does is full of effort and passion and is truly impressive.

Overall, I would rate the artist’s work a 9.25/10. My biggest recommendation would be to remix a few tracks with more emphasis on vocals so as to not overpower the song and more songs by him personally, as First Light was a great first impression. Even some faster beats on originals would be interesting. There is a wide range of where this mixer can go with the talent already showcased. You can check out his SoundCloud channel below, at the very least listen to my favorites. They are definitely worth it:

-Austin Heath