Music Recommendation – Single – DJ Carisma ft. Tory Lanez, Sage The Gemini, Eric Bellinger, and Mishon, “Anyway”

anywayThe biggest reason I listened to this song, besides the success of DJ Carisma’s last collaboration (which you can check out here), was how this song managed to take three of my favorite underrated RnB singers and put them together on a track. While Tory Lanez sounds a bit too much like Jeremih for my taste, this song is gold for any modern RnB fan.

DJ Carisma does a great job of combining a unique sound with the signature DJ Mustard beat (you know what I’m talking about). It may stick out at first, but it adapts to the vocals very well. All three sung portions sound solid, if not slightly over-autotuned and the hook is almost too catchy (at least for a white boy like myself). Sage The Gemini’s verse is timed right, as I don’t think I would enjoy the song as much if it were any longer. It’s a nasty stanza, but in comparison to the other artists on the “Anyway” Team, I needed it to be quick.

Overall, I would rate this song at:


If you don’t like autotuned vocals, I would keep scrolling. DJ Carisma has proven now, however, that she is an expert at putting together a perfect group for a song. I love RnB, so this may be biased, but her contributions so far has been impressive.

You can check out the song below:

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Music Recommendation – Single – Jamie Foxx, Ain’t My Fault

Jamie Foxx’s singing career currently is similar to a bad surprise party. Jamie jumped out from behind the bookcase, but due to clumsiness he knocked it over and it fell over, hitting the birthday boy, who sued. When I say bookcase, of course I mean his first single, Party Ain’t A Party, and when I say birthday boy, I mean J. Rand. Sorry J. Rand, I actually have no clue when your birthday is.

Meanwhile, DJ Mustard and 2 Chainz were like those guys who forgot to put the screws in the faulty bookcase and awkwardly back up from the accident scene as sneakily as possible before running into the door and falling right next to the victim, trying to avoid eye contact and crawling behind poor Foxx.

What was I writing about again? Well Jamie Foxx has released his second single for his next album, whose release date and name we are still blissfully unaware of. I thought Party Ain’t A Party, though contradictory in the title, was a nice start but was not the comeback I was expecting. Ain’t My Fault was, however, everything that the comeback should have been.

Ain’t My Fault sounds much like the Jamie Foxx we expected if he were ever to return. Is it too late? Of course not inquisitive reader, this is only his second single in years, and usually artists have three chances before an experienced listener can assume they will not like the rest (or at least not enough to justify listening anymore).

The song itself is a bit creepy, but it’s Jamie Foxx, he can make creepy sound smooth as hell. The song is about the fact that it is not his fault for being attracted to a woman who is trying to look beautiful. I find few things wrong with the song other than the hook is a bit too repetitive and lacks some extra lyricism to top off the phrase “ain’t my fault” such as “that you look so beautiful” or something odd like that. His voice does crack a bit in the intro, which I am not completely sure is on purpose of what.

I used way too much space on one song, but I did feel like for Jamie Foxx, it is worth it. So overall, I would rate the song at 9.5/10. It’s one of my favorites right now, so obviously it did the trick and it is a rather good song. Take a listen below and see if you like it:

-Austin Heath

P.S. Yes there’s more. This is my review of the clean version, as I feel that would be the more enjoyable of the two (which is a rare choice for me).

Music Recommendation – Single – Kiki Rowe, Trust Issues

I guess my artist recommendation for Kiki Rowe a few days ago was untimely, as she has just released a new song, which happens to be produced by DJ Mustard. It seems Kiki is on a roll with new music and videos lately, and adding DJ Mustard to her connections is a huge boost for her career.

Before you ask, this song has nothing to do with Drake’s song. Also, if you assume this song has the typical DJ Mustard sound, then – well, you would not be completely wrong. It almost seems as if someone told him that he could not use his “snap, boom boom (aye aye)” pattern from many popular songs, so he tried to refrain from it. Then, when they left him unsupervised with the production system, he sneakily added a few in there. It does have a unique piano instrumental and beat behind it but it almost seems that DJ Mustard started tweaking and just kept saying “Just one more time, only on the hook.” It just feels indecisive whether it should be a slow RnB song or a more upbeat Hip-Hop work.

So how about the vocals? I cannot really say anything bad about Kiki Rowe’s part in this song, her voice sounds lovely and if you’ve liked her earlier tracks then this will also likely appeal to listeners. I would seriously recommend sticking both earphones in your noggin if you plan on listening to this song right away though, some songs are just like that; You know, where you cannot get the full effect until hearing it bounce off the walls within skull.

I found this song hard to rate, as there are a lot of things I like about it but I feel like the beat weighs it down a bit. I like several DJ Mustard beats (but then again who doesn’t?) but this one just did not stand out for being too chaotic and unprofessional. I was thoroughly impressed by Rowe’s voice, and regardless like the song for that aspect of it. I would never consider the opportunity of working with DJ Mustard a waste, but his end felt a bit bland. I feel like the beat is seriously trying to dominate the vocals, and that seems to be aimed at the wrong singing voice.

So let me try it. Overall I would rate the song at 9/10. I do still like the beat and love the sound of Kiki Rowe, especially because the track compares to her other works (especially Be Alright). I do feel like this song has a serious chance of getting some big attention. So for now, you’ll have to go over to to hear it:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – DJ Mustard ft. Tinashe, Checks In (Extended Version)

So Check In was bothering me because the beat was way too familiar, but I couldn’t place from what track. Then it hit me, and in fact I already wrote about it in my review of Eric Bellinger ft. The Game: Awkward. Last time I checked these were not produced by the same person, but seems like it hasn’t caused any trouble so far. However, if it does let me just say that I noticed first.

Onto the song. It’s damn good. I’m a sucker for Tinashe though (see all my tweets about/at her) and I also tend to lean towards songs produced by DJ Mustard (then again, who doesn’t?). This song was originally an interlude on Mustard’s album 10 Summers, but Tinashe gifted us with the extended studio recording.

The song is excellent and features one of my favorite beats (which I praised in my Awkward review). I love Tinashe’s sound on the track as well. Hard to get the message from this one though, sounds like she’s upset about a guy choosing another girl over her I believe. Regardless, I still love the song.

Overall, I give it a 9.5/10. I seriously recommend a listen, but I will not guarantee that it will be a hit to every listener. Edited vocals and sound can ruin small parts of the song and the hook leaves a little to be desired, but in the end the song is near-perfect. Listen below:

-Austin Heath