Music Recommendation – Single – DJ Carisma ft. Lyrica Anderson, Kay Cola, Siya, Kehlani and Netta B, “Hold You Down” (Remix)

DJ-Carisma-Hold-You-DownPower 106’s very own DJ Carisma brings on some serious girl power to remix DJ Khaled’s RnB-singerfest that is Hold You Down. Now that my clickbait headline sentence is over, let’s be objective. I am not one to usually like remixes or covers better than the original song, but the artists on this track did a great job of reverting that. I had never heard a single one of these artists, but they find their place on the song to substitute each artist’s sound without appearing unoriginal. DJ Carisma is the cheesecake of remixes for me.

Don’t you go thinking this remix is just a cover with the words “girl” and “shawty” interchanged with “boy” and whatever the girl version of “shawty” is; the song is original and even features a rap verse at the end. I may be a bit partial on the Hip-Hop aspect of this track, but the message of the song is basically the same as the original in that these hoes are, in fact, loyal, contrary to popular belief. This is however aimed at the reverse gender (or maybe not, hey, I don’t judge). DJ Carisma brought together an amazing team to add to this song and the lyricism is better than the original to me.

Overall, I would rate the remix at:


Keep in mind, I am rating this song as a remix. The original gets around a 7.75/10, but this re-do is much better and capitalizes on mistakes from its predecessor. DJ Carisma takes the original beat and applies it to an even better set of artists (AKA not Future) and lyrics. This remix put a lot of good artists on the map for me I had yet to hear, and cannot wait to listen to more by each of them.

So go ahead and check out the remix for yourself below:

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Music Recommendation – Single – DJ Khaled, Welcome to My Hood (Remix)

I listed the artists featured in the song below, as there are a lot. This legendary collaboration comes from DJ Khaled’s 2011 album, We The Best Forever. The first 10 ranked verses are pretty insane, and this 7-minute rap-fest is impressive all-together.

In the end, it was hard to rank some of these. Even at #6 I think Ludacris is one of the best verses on the track, but the others above him are still even better. T-Pain kind of ditches the hook after the first couple of verses, but it hardly changes the pace of the song.

Overall, I would rate the song at around 9.5/10. One of the best rap songs out there and highly underrated, Welcome to My Hood has a couple of disappointing verses but features some great talent from several notable rappers. Here are my rankings on the features in the song, which you can listen to below the list:

1. Ace Hood

2. T-Pain

3. Twista

4. Bun B

5. Busta Rhymes

6. Ludacris

7. Game

8. Jadakiss

9. Wake Flocka

10. Fat Joe

11. Mavado

12. Birdman

13. DJ Khaled

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – DJ Khaled ft. Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole and Ne-Yo, Legendary

Legendary is now over three years old, claiming a spot in DJ Khaled’s We The Best Forever album. I have to admit I don’t think I’ve heard a better song by DJ Khaled since this one, and I doubt I ever will. The song is quite remarkable in how incredible all three singers’ voices sound and the collaboration of Brown, Cole AND Ne-Yo on one song, but there is something I want to establish that makes this song stand out from many others.

Normally I would wait to post this until Friday with some of my favorites, but I want to save the more popular hits for that, as this song somehow has very few listens. What people are missing here is a serious hook, solid hard-working production, amazing vocals and a rise at Ne-Yo’s part that is normally hard to achieve without ruining the song. It always surprised me that this song never went big or even gained much popularity.

Unfortunately, it has been more than three years and this song won’t get anymore popular than it already is. However the meaning is quite inspirational and shows a beautiful side of RnB music that I wish we could see more. The lyricism that this song portrays should definitely be spread. Sadly, the words from Legendary are just not what’s in demand anymore. The lyrics are courageous and stand out, explaining how to be legendary without having to be rich and doing drugs and having sex. People don’t want to relate to it. It is such a shame that we rarely hear voices like these singing tracks like this.

In the end, I can not find a single thing wrong with this song. Even DJ Khaled gives some advice at the end, which he absolutely deserves to add as he put major work into the song. Edited vocals are not overdone and quality is very high.

Due to the amazing qualities of the lyrics while still pertaining to RnB sound and a creative but not abrasive beat that keeps up with the rise of the song, I have to put this song in a special category and give it a 10/10. This is absolutely a Top-Rated song in my books. Please give it a listen here:

-Austin Heath