Music Recommendation – Single – Sia ft. The Weeknd and Diplo, Elastic Heart

Elastic Heart is a little well known, but deserves some appreciation. A rare team Sia and The Weeknd work together on vocals while Diplo keeps the beat pumping throughout the song. Sia sounds decent, providing the usual sound she brings. The Weeknd really steals the show with his verse in the middle of the song. Featured in the most recent Hunger Games movie, Elastic Heart brings RnB and Electronic music together into one.

Unfortunately, the beat does overpower the vocals a bit. The Weeknd’s part features a bit of a relaxed moment, and he seems to be heard despite the chaos of the song between Sia shouting her parts and Diplo trying to play over it.

I personally enjoy listening to the song, but I can see how plenty of people would not be so interested. I know when I first heard it I was a little skeptical, but I still recommend a listen. Overall, I would give Elastic Heart a 7.75/10. Give it a listen below and see if you like it:

-Austin Heath