Music Recommendation – Single – Epic ft. B. Simm, “Hold On”

girl-group-epicWhat is one thing I love more than male RnB groups? The answer is female RnB groups. Female RnB singers always sound appealing to my ears, because of the range and flexibility in their sound. and taking four of them and putting them onto Epic is just an awesome thing. “Hold On” is a great sample of what to expect from this group’s sound and represents what each member has to offer.

A Rap feature never hurt anyone, but I probably would enjoy this song better with B. Simm. While his portion is a great effort, the flow that these girls had just feels interrupted. The upbeat groove shows signs of being managed by producers who helped bring us gifts from groups including TLC and Destiny’s Child. As the music industry looks for the next big RnB girl group, Epic provides their case with such a catchy song.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


I will definitely keep an eye on this group and see how they follow up “Hold On”, but in the meantime you can check out the song and its corresponding music video below (Song starts around 1:22):

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Favorites Friday – Destiny’s Child, “Say My Name”

Destiny's_Child_The_Writing's_on_the_WallI actually forgot how much I loved this bloody-awful song until hearing it again recently. The weirdest part is that I cannot get past about two and a half minutes everytime I listen to it. Let’s rewind about three years; I am the cool reverse-hipster who will discover old music and treasure it years later. While I am proud of the man – nay, boy, who made it to his 18th birthday, I cannot confirm nor deny that he was for the longest time, how you say, a dimrod.

So I found “Say My Name” under the category “Songs featuring the girl from Destiny’s Child who I happened to be obsessed with at the time.” Believe it or not, I am not referring to Beyonce; For the longest time, I had a massive love for Kelly Rowland and her music. Beyonce does do the most work in the song, even when it was incredibly unneeded.

I never said “Say My Name” was a great song; I just think it is stupid catchy and has an essence of empowerment to the point I wish just one time I could be right in an argument. One of these days…

Have I even discussed the song? Overall, I would rate it at:


This song truly came close to making my Top 50 list this year, but nope. The bridge is incredibly lazy and the repetitive nature of the song means that the perfection that is “dat dope hook” as the urban teenager would call it, is the reason the song is so massively appealing.

Check out one of my favorite songs below, or just listen to it because you have a couple of minutes to kill:

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