Artist Recommendation – Cloud Gavin

I almost feel like I write about more Alternative/Rock music than I do anything else anymore. The genre and artists have grown on me of late, mostly because I am the only RnB/Soul fan I know and everyone else listens to it. Even my dad, who can hardly stand talking about modern music, showed interest in not only this genre, but a particular band I had lined up to write about, Cloud Gavin.

Cloud Gavin is an Illinois-based Alternative-Rock group that reached out to me via Tweetar. They are currently on a country-wide US tour that reaches nearby me after Thanksgiving, but sadly the journey lies too far for me to reach. I can however share their music with you and explain why they deserve a listen.

Cloud Gavin provides a psychedelic Alternative sound with drowned-out vocals and varying musical backdrops. The music almost has a chilling sound to it at times. This can be both interesting and troubling depending upon your music taste. Their sound can change midway and has an intensity to it that makes it difficult not to finish a song.

My dad brought up a good point when saying that the group could compare to groups such as Third Eye Blind, especially with their transitional 2000’s Rock that can range from mellow to intense Rock. This sound, in my opinion, works the best in their songs What It Find Beneath and Fiasco. The vocals are a little rough at times, but otherwise the music is original and fascinating to hear.

Overall, I would rate the group’s sound at 8/10. Vocal tuning comes through band growth and a dominant sound seems to be forming, especially in their more recent tracks, but the group is still forming into their music and should provide some good listening in their next album project, which I can predict to be innovative and memorable for the group’s long-term success.

I recommend at the least a listen to my favorites, but you can also find the rest of their music on their YouTube channel. Their album Posture is also currently available for listening.

Go ahead and give my two favorites a listen below, and find more through the link above:

-Austin Heath