Music Recommendation – Single – Kid Ink ft. Trey Songz, Juicy J, 2 Chainz, and Chris Brown, “Show Me” (Remix)

show-me-remixIn case the original “Show Me” did not have enough Trey Songz, Juicy J, or 2 Chainz for you, the remix should definitely do its job. I really admire this remix in that it overs a solid rap verse from Juicy J (in fact one of his best), sensual RnB from Trey Songz, and an alternate piece from Kid Ink. Add that with Chris Brown’s already dope role, and subtract a couple of points for 2 Chainz, and you have a remix that gives you everything you may have wanted from the original.

Combining Chris Brown and Trey Songz vocals has proven to be a great thing, but the way that these two overlap on this song turns out incredible. The lyrics feel a bit too raw (and slightly cringeworthy) at times, but these artists are not exactly known for keeping it subtle.

Overall, I would rate the remix at:


You can hear the remix below:

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Hear It First – O.T. Genasis ft. Chris Brown, “CoCo Part 3”

coco-part-3If you were in love with the CoCo before, you may have loved the second part. And if you are overdosing on the song, Part 3 may just be a relapse. Chris Brown contributes a stanza to make this song actually slightly more tolerable, but not worth being remixed over and over again.

You can check out the new remix below and hear it first:

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Favorites Friday – Chris Brown ft. Tyga and Kevin McCall, “Deuces”

Remember the days when Chris Brown acted like a deucebag? Well, more than he does now. As horrible as he was for a while, I always have to be the guy who points out at how amazing Brown’s music was around this time. His F.A.M.E. album stole the show, and much of the props have to go to this song’s success.

Can I say that this may be the only song I actually enjoy listening to Tyga rap? Of course, Kevin McCall steals the show, but the whole track is a masterpiece. Chris Brown sets the mood, Tyga opens up a bit, and Kevin McCall finishes it by not giving a single f*ck. The instrumental is spectacular and some of the best production I have ever heard to date, and this song ranks as one of the overall best songs I have ever heard for its genre.

Despite it not making my Top 50 this year, the song ranks in my all-time favorites and could easily break the cusp any year. The lyrics, the tone, everything about “Deuces” makes it a great break-up song. Overall, I would rate it at:


While this may be one of my most opinionated 10/10’s, this song is timeless and has been regarded by many as one of the best. Any RnB and Hip-Hop fan can see why “Deuces” is so critically acclaimed. And now for the quotable part: Anytime one of the artists says the word “Deuces”, I find the reflex to put two fingers in the air immediately.

Now you can check out one of my favorite songs below and enjoy with me:

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Music Recommendation – Single – Sevyn Streeter ft. Chris Brown, “Don’t Kill The Fun”

Sevyn-Dont-Kill-The-FunAs revenge for all of the songs Sevyn has backup vocals in on some of Chris Brown’s biggest hits, I want her to cut any recognition of Chris Brown’s contributions in the credits; Just completely Avicii him. I’m sure there are no bitter feelings, but imagine how hilarious it would be if Sevyn called out Brown on the fact and I had called it early on my silly and miniscule music blog. Alright, let’s kill the fun and talk about “Don’t Kill The Fun”.

This song barely made it past the “Hear It First” category for not being very enjoyable. I decided to give it a recommendation for Chris Brown’s part in the song and Sevyn’s previous commendable record. The song is upbeat, as it attempts to fit RnB into House music’s arse (without lube) as much as possible. The song feels intellectually plain and as it was forced to be more Pop-y than her first EP to keep up with the times. Chris Brown’s part is a bit more pure and unmixed (though not much), and his feature might be the best part of the song.

That being said, Sevyn’s vocals are not bad either. She has showcased her talent before, and you can hear it hiding behind the elongated autotuned background notes. I would say stripping a whole lot of the background noise that passes off for a constructive beat might fix this song quite a bit. Sevyn Streeter has explained that the upbeat sound was to represent her attitude towards life and her work, which I can appreciate. Not to mention, the song starts out solid and consistent. As it continues, the bass appearing in and out drives me crazy, and it could do without sounds like so popping up and disappearing. Also, can we drop the Spongebob Squarepants video game theme music that pops up before the chorus?

The song could be catchy when you pick up the lyrics to the easy chorus, but it hardly feels like RnB by the end. Overall, I would rate this song at:


This may be more of a disappointment due to how much I loved her debut EP. I played “It Won’t Stop” for months, and it is one of my favorites. Regardless, the song just released today, as Sevyn dropped it earlier than anticipated for fans to hear and you can check it out below:

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Hear It First – Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown, “Hotel”

chris-brown-ft-kid-inkEver heard those hit songs “Show You” or “Main Chick”? Then “Hotel” might sound familiar. Although this time, I have to give Kid Ink some credit; “Hotel” remains catchy and fun while still slowly pushing outside the comfort zone of the hit-making duo. That being said, I didn’t like this song as much as I enjoyed “Body Language” at first listen.

There is nothing revolutionary and amazing about this song, but hey, I found it catchy. Don’t worry, there is plenty of autotune stuffed in there and it has that classic modern Hip-Hop/RnB sound. Look at that, I just contradicted myself back there. Let’s just move on then.

So go ahead and check out the new potential hit by Ink and Brown below:

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Favorites Friday – T-Pain ft. Chris Brown, “Best Love Song”

t-painI am going to level with you guys: I get very excited to write about my favorite songs; Like, a bit too excited. I spend hours deciding which one of my classics to hand pick for readers. I felt like Best Love Song deserves a write-up most for two reasons: 1. It just barely missed my Top 50 this year. And 2. It is amazing.

T-Pain’s music is an acquired taste, I have always said that. I never liked cheesecake as a kid, but now I will shove it down my cheesecake-hole (I renamed it as “pie-hole” hardly fits someone who does not care for pie). T-Pain’s sound never did it for me until this last year, and now I find his music incredibly artistic and a fun example of upbeat Hip-Hop.

I have plenty of T-Pain music to write about in the near future, but Best Love Song is close to my favorite by the Pain of Tallahassee because it is loud and fun while not being overbearing and features a balance of T-Pain’s autotune and Chris Brown’s, well, less autotune. 5 O’Clock might beat it out, only because of its influence over my taste in music while I enjoy Best Love Song for what it offers as a song. That includes lyrics and its bass-hugging beat following the vocals. And then Can’t Believe It comes as a very close third.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


I have heard catchier tracks by T-Pain (and especially Chris Brown) but something about this song makes it so fun. Vocals are a bit overdone for Chris Brown, and the lyricism is certainly not the best, but all I can say is that I would love to hear this song on a non-autotune session by TP.

Go ahead and check out the song below and look forward to more coming T-Pain music soon:

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57th Grammy Awards Predictions And Thoughts

grammyI will be going through every Grammy category and post my predictions for the winners. This will be a bit long, so I am adding a “Read More” tag below this paragraph. Keep in mind, just because I post the predictions, does not mean I agree with them. So without further ado, let’s get started:

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Music Recommendation – Single – Chris Brown and Trey Songz, Dangerous (Remix)

trey-songz-chris-brownChris Brown and Trey Songz have remixed another song, but this time while sticking to the script and allowing Sam Martin on the vocals. I reviewed Dangerous before, but I am short for time and cannot write too much about it. In essence, it was a solid song but lacked anything compelling. This remix adds some flavor to the track and is a serious improvement.

Chris Brown’s part on this song is completely fitting, and Trey Songz alongside adds some RnB to it. Either my earphones are busted or the quality is not great, but I am sure we will get better quality when we get an official release. Really, the song is fitting and hardly sounds like a remix. I am very impressed by this remix, and is absolutely my favorite by these two together. This was what I wanted to hear from this duo.

Overall, I would rate the song a 9.5/10. This is a seriously awesome track and I feel worth a listen, improving upon an already popular hit. The remix just dropped today so you can also hear it first below:

-Austin Heath

P.S. Let me know below if my earphones are off or if the CDQ is just not up to par. I do know it was a radio rip so I probably should not expect too much.

Hear It First – Pitbull ft. Chris Brown, Fun

pitbullPitbull adds Chris Brown to this party-track to make it a “fun” song. That was the only pun I could think of, other than a nod to the Spongebob song of the same name. The song has the usual outline of a Pitbull song: Intro and Chorus, Beat Drop, Pitbull “rapping” then repeat. The summer-y sound of the beat is a bit poorly timed (especially if you are in Buffalo), but I thought Chris Brown sounded solid. However, his voice is crazily worked on by production.

I kind-of like the song, but not enough to write a recommendation article about a song that will probably jump on Billboard like a fat kid on a friend’s trampoline. So you can go ahead and check out the new song below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Omarion ft. Chris Brown and Jhené Aiko, Post To Be

post-to-beOmarion teased this all-star collabo that included DJ Mustard on the beat (hoe), and it is safe to say that it satisfies. I have had this slated for writing about for a while, but it took a few listens to get a good grip on how I feel about this track.

DJ Mustard does that thing that he always does on songs, and no matter how many times we complain about it, we like it anyways. Omarion performs most of the song, and his performance is decent. Chris Brown almost sounds like Trey Songz by the end, but I am not complaining there (unless he starts acting like Trigga Trey, in which case please stop Chris).  Jhené Aiko has my favorite brief verse, though her lines are slightly graphic.

My biggest complaint about the song would be how edited the vocals are, especially on Brown’s part. I can accept to a degree the work over a song, but this just went overboard.  Jhené Aiko’s role is successful because her voice stays relatively pure.

Overall, I would rate the song at 9/10. I recommend a listen below, if you haven’t already heard it:

-Austin Heath