Music Recommendation – Single – Breathe Carolina ft. Karmin, Bang It Out

Even more Breathe Carolina! Only this time, they team up with Karmin for a killer song. And when I say they, I mean David Schmidtt. Rest of the band is non-existent in the music video. Oh well, about the song now.

Bang It Out is actually a catchy EDM song that features the vocals of Karmin’s singer Amy on the vocals. As for her beau, also non-existent. Huh.

Lyrics can be a little cringeworthy, but the sound is great and Amy’s voice on her feature is solid. Overall I would say the song is a solid effort, despite the not-so-slightly overedited voices of Amy and David. My rating is a 8.25/10, but I do really like this song. Go ahead and try a listen below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Breathe Carolina ft. Tyler Carter, Chasing Hearts

I know plenty of people have heard Chasing Hearts, but I also know many have not listened to it after seeing it by Breathe Carolina. That’s okay though, the song is very good and deserves extra attention even if you have already heard it. I almost feel bad for categorizing this as EDM, both David Schmidtt and Tyler Carter sing very well here.

The song features a lot of piano and still keeps a good beat. Not typical of Breathe Carolina or Tyler Carter, the song is a little upbeat on the hook but the majority of the song isn’t too crazy. Tyler Carter definitely steals the show in my opinion. Overall I’d rate the song around 9/10. Definitely give it a listen below, enjoy:

-Austin Heath

P.S. You can go ahead and skip to 0:48 if you want the song right away. You’re welcome.