Music Recommendation – Single – Sevyn Streeter ft. Chris Brown, “Don’t Kill The Fun”

Sevyn-Dont-Kill-The-FunAs revenge for all of the songs Sevyn has backup vocals in on some of Chris Brown’s biggest hits, I want her to cut any recognition of Chris Brown’s contributions in the credits; Just completely Avicii him. I’m sure there are no bitter feelings, but imagine how hilarious it would be if Sevyn called out Brown on the fact and I had called it early on my silly and miniscule music blog. Alright, let’s kill the fun and talk about “Don’t Kill The Fun”.

This song barely made it past the “Hear It First” category for not being very enjoyable. I decided to give it a recommendation for Chris Brown’s part in the song and Sevyn’s previous commendable record. The song is upbeat, as it attempts to fit RnB into House music’s arse (without lube) as much as possible. The song feels intellectually plain and as it was forced to be more Pop-y than her first EP to keep up with the times. Chris Brown’s part is a bit more pure and unmixed (though not much), and his feature might be the best part of the song.

That being said, Sevyn’s vocals are not bad either. She has showcased her talent before, and you can hear it hiding behind the elongated autotuned background notes. I would say stripping a whole lot of the background noise that passes off for a constructive beat might fix this song quite a bit. Sevyn Streeter has explained that the upbeat sound was to represent her attitude towards life and her work, which I can appreciate. Not to mention, the song starts out solid and consistent. As it continues, the bass appearing in and out drives me crazy, and it could do without sounds like so popping up and disappearing. Also, can we drop the Spongebob Squarepants video game theme music that pops up before the chorus?

The song could be catchy when you pick up the lyrics to the easy chorus, but it hardly feels like RnB by the end. Overall, I would rate this song at:


This may be more of a disappointment due to how much I loved her debut EP. I played “It Won’t Stop” for months, and it is one of my favorites. Regardless, the song just released today, as Sevyn dropped it earlier than anticipated for fans to hear and you can check it out below:

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Music Recommendation – Single – Avicii, The Days

While this has had a couple million listens already, I wanted to bring this song to the attention of anyone who has not heard it. The track is quite catchy and Avicii’s work on the beat is rather interesting. Sounds similar to a David Guetta track, and not so much like the normal Avicii sound.

The song is made to be a catchy upbeat love song. It achieves its goal and, though the hook seems to say the same thing a couple of times, it is easy to memorize and sing after a couple of listens. The bridge is impressive, showcasing Avicii’s own skills without taking too much time away from the vocals.

While this is a typical pop/EDM song, it is one of the better releases and if a song were to go big soon, I would hope that this is it. Overall I would rate the song 9.25/10. I recommend a listen below, it’s hard not to like it:

-Austin Heath

EDIT: Just learned that the singer in the song is Robbie Williams, for anyone who was wondering.