Artist Recommendation – Sunroof

sunroofMontana’s own Jeff Simpson, AKA Sunroof, is a dream-core/pop singer who I discovered through Twitter. His music, however, merges numerous genres and is incredibly unique. The sound is something I have yet to hear before.

Simpson has been performing since 2012 and has gathered his works together in his first album Stargazing. This album and its sound have been praised by multiple writers; however, I wanted to add my own input on the experimental electronic-acoustic combinations in his music and share my favorite tracks by the artist.

Along with his own songs, Sunroof has uploaded numerous videos of covers and remixes. There is a serious loyalty to his work, making this hoe loyal. Forgive me if you are reading this Jeff Simpson, I in no way am implying you are a hoe. That is your choice, of course. You may (or please may not) also quote that if you wish.

Among his covers, remixes and original songs, my favorites would most likely be his title track for the album Stargazing, featuring a Alternative/Metal-type sound, Etherea and Time Travel, with their EDM-based basis, and the acoustic-based and longer-than-necessarily-needed-titled I Followed A Dream Out My Window.

My first song I head by Sunroof was Brave featuring SayWeCanFly. This song was also impressive, and I would not skip on any song even if they are not listed in my favorites.

With each song Sunroof brings a different sound. It is entertaining and keeps me wanting to hear more and finish the playlist. It is an incredible feat, and though the vocals can be a bit bland, the sound of the music is always so intriguing that it makes up for it. Overall, I would rate the artist’s sound at:


You can go through some of his popular tracks in the SoundCloud playlist below, from his official account. I think anyone could enjoy this music as it can appeal to so many genres. It’s funny though, a lot of his beats remind me of Owl City’s Fireflies and parts of its sound. That’s the first thing I think of when I hear a few, not sure how relevant that was though.

Go ahead and Sunroof a listen below:

-Austin Heath

Artist Recommendation – Something Like Kites

something-like-kitesSomething Like Kites is an unsigned Alternative-Pop group from my dream of a country in love with ice hockey, coldness and being polite; I speak of Canada. The group has released three albums and have already played numerous shows, but they sure do deserve more listens. The wide appeal of some of their tracks is definitely most notable.

What I love about Something Like Kites is that I feel like I could show anyone their music. My favorite song that I would share would definitely be I Would, which I will leave below. Other favorites include In Your ArmsSmile, and Do You Remember. The lyricism is often superb, though many times feels as though the words are crushed into the music and move too quickly. That is why a couple of my favorites are slowed-down, including I Would.

The editing over the vocals can be a bit tedious, especially when the music unedited sounds better. However, the music is catchy and has a wide appeal. You could enjoy the sound of RnB, Rock, or even pee hitting a urinal and probably still enjoy Something Like Kites. Then again, that is the general role of Pop music.

Overall, I would rate the group’s sound at 8.5/10. I hope to hear more of the pure vocals of the lead singer, and lyrics slowed down a bit. Otherwise, most of the songs are catchy and fun to listen to. This group resembles Owl City without EDM. You can check out the songs I like below, along with the group’s official YouTube channel here.

-Austin Heath

UPDATE: I found out that Something Like Kite’s new album just released a couple of days ago, so I believe this is their fourth album. Therefore I was wrong when I said “three albums” above.

Artist Recommendation – King Heartbreaker

King-HeartbreakerThis may or may not come as a surprise to you, but I enjoy RnB music. Shocker, right? I found King Heartbreaker on Twitter, an ideal spot for my research. His RnB sound in Big Daddy instantly pulled me in to find more, and I discovered that the electro-RnB sound of King Heartbreaker was absolutely worth writing about.

I will warn any listener that RnB is not an easy genre to adapt or adjust to; Most people find the genre too slow or boring for listening. King Heartbreaker’s music features a slow pace and sexual themes explaining his love for someone and his desire to get them into bed. He is basically the definition of modern RnB, and his mixtape RnB Shxt can attest to that.

The whole mixtape is solid and was an enjoyable listen, but I want this article to focus on my favorite music from the artist. He began working alone in 2011 and released Do To You, following up his success with that song by releasing a mixtape with serious production put into it. Amongst this mixtape are some very great tracks, including Control and Y. Big Daddy, its own single separate from the mixtape, is also worth checking out.

Overall I would rate the Memphis-born RnB singer’s sound at 8.75/10. His music can have a bit too much work edited over it, but it still is excellent for any RnB fan. His pure voice reminds me of Usher or Eric Bellinger, which I would love to hear more of. His story is fascinating and inspiring, so you can read his full bio at his website here. I recommend at the very least listening to my favorites (Control, Y, and Big Daddy) below:

-Austin Heath

Artist Recommendation – Cloud Gavin

I almost feel like I write about more Alternative/Rock music than I do anything else anymore. The genre and artists have grown on me of late, mostly because I am the only RnB/Soul fan I know and everyone else listens to it. Even my dad, who can hardly stand talking about modern music, showed interest in not only this genre, but a particular band I had lined up to write about, Cloud Gavin.

Cloud Gavin is an Illinois-based Alternative-Rock group that reached out to me via Tweetar. They are currently on a country-wide US tour that reaches nearby me after Thanksgiving, but sadly the journey lies too far for me to reach. I can however share their music with you and explain why they deserve a listen.

Cloud Gavin provides a psychedelic Alternative sound with drowned-out vocals and varying musical backdrops. The music almost has a chilling sound to it at times. This can be both interesting and troubling depending upon your music taste. Their sound can change midway and has an intensity to it that makes it difficult not to finish a song.

My dad brought up a good point when saying that the group could compare to groups such as Third Eye Blind, especially with their transitional 2000’s Rock that can range from mellow to intense Rock. This sound, in my opinion, works the best in their songs What It Find Beneath and Fiasco. The vocals are a little rough at times, but otherwise the music is original and fascinating to hear.

Overall, I would rate the group’s sound at 8/10. Vocal tuning comes through band growth and a dominant sound seems to be forming, especially in their more recent tracks, but the group is still forming into their music and should provide some good listening in their next album project, which I can predict to be innovative and memorable for the group’s long-term success.

I recommend at the least a listen to my favorites, but you can also find the rest of their music on their YouTube channel. Their album Posture is also currently available for listening.

Go ahead and give my two favorites a listen below, and find more through the link above:

-Austin Heath

Artist Recommendation – Burch Boy

On the Hip-Hop end is Burch Boy, who is an up-and-coming artist from North Carolina. I was impressed with his music because with each new song I heard, his sound improved. If the pattern continues, I think Burch Boy will be an artist to keep an eye on.

Obviously, because his music is getting better with each song, my favorite would be his most recent work, Ima Regular. Burch Boy only currently has 5 songs released dating from over a year ago to last month. Each one show off his boast-worthy rap lines and consistent flow.

His sound is unique, and is hard to compare to any rapper. His accents keep the music interesting and I cannot think of any mainstream artist he truly resembles or models himself off of, except perhaps Drake for his healthy combination of rapping/singing.

Also, when I said his sound has improved, I really mean it. Comparing Ima Regular to I Had A Dream makes it appear to be a discussion about two different artists. Each song from the beginning has its appeal, especially Simple Things, but I can hear massive change and improvement from Burch Boy.

Overall, if I had to rate his sound, I would give it a 9/10. Lyricism and sound are still developing, but he has set a solid start in place and made me look forward to more of his music. Burch Boy looks very ambitious and I will be staying tuned, especially when his Ima Regular music video drops soon. Meanwhile, you can check out his songs below, I especially recommend Ima Regular and Lock Down:

-Austin Heath

Artist Recommendation – IDEH

Hailing from the UK is female RnB singer IDEH. This woman embodies modern RnB and shows serious talent in music. When I heard her first of two songs, I felt I had to share them.

IDEH started out by releasing her debut single, The One featuring rapper Flowzart. She followed this up with Do Something, my favorite of the two. said it best when they called Do Something‘s beat “head-bobbing.”

Her voice is quite well-ranged and features some melodic vocals, though she does go off the beat and adds her own spoken words. This is played off well mostly, but this delivery can be questionable and ruin a song in the future, so I am skeptical on the continued usage of that aspect of her music. Otherwise her delivery is sound and enjoyable.

Overall, I would rate her works at 9/10. I am excited to hear more and will update readers on anything else by the singer. Go ahead and give The One and Do Something listens below:

-Austin Heath

Artist Recommendation – Kit Rice

While in the process of scouting potential talent in my Twitter followers, I stumbled upon Kit Rice, lead singer of the band KIT. The singer has not released much music, but what he has given listeners has been worth noting.

Rice’s music is soft and calm, and his unique voice pulls off a relaxing vibe to the music. The lyricism is hardly empty though, and every song seems to be Rice opening up through music. The emotion in his sound is remarkable yet still enjoyable. His music is original and hard to compare to anybody else.

Kit Rice’s music verges on RnB but leans more towards a Soul sound with an Alternative twist. The British Urban artist has some great music, but the songs that stand out for me are BYOB (Probably his most upbeat track) and You Really Need Me. I also really enjoy the other two, though, especially Stay Gone. All of his works are solid except for when his vocals at times crack and do not reach the heights they need to (though he can do it, as I have heard him go up higher, especially at the finale of BYOB). After some tuning, I think that Kit Rice’s music could catch on quickly

So overall I would rate Rice’s music at 8.75/10. I recommend a listen to at least my two favorites, but would hope listeners could have the time to hear all four below and subscribe to his YouTube channel here:

-Austin Heath

Artist Recommendation – DNYCENYC

DNYCENYC (that is rather difficult to type out everytime), or just DNYCE (somewhat easier), reached out to me on Twitter, one of my ideal websites to find new talent. Just wanted to point out I gained quite a following today for whatever reason, so thank you Twitter for boosting my self-esteem today.

Anyways, here I was, given a preview of the artist’s sound in #Dedicated2U, which would pull me in right away. After listening to the 2 minute snippet, I decided to give his other works a listen.

There are definitely some qualities I like about this artist. He has the ability to make good raps while using his vocals to make enjoyable melodies. His RnB sound is my preference, however, but I feel as though his Hip-Hop side has more experience and power. His flow tops many other up-and-coming rappers and his lyricism is quite impressive.

We all know my crush on RnB, like it’s the popular girl in school who I’ve been creeping on in the hallways for the last 3 years. Naturally I will have some bias towards that side of his music, but I must admit that out of the two genres his sound represents, RnB could use a bit of improvement. His recent mixtape Phresh Outta Highschool features more rap while he tunes his singing voice, which cannot seem to hit higher notes at all. In What I Need his singing perhaps reaches incredible heights and I would love to hear more of that.

I only mention need for improvement in his vocals because of the focus of his more recent music seems to be on RnB, and his base voice has potential to reach higher and longer notes with or without editing. I actually still enjoy his voice and really appreciate his rap verses, so either way, I am excited for more.

My favorite tracks by DNYCE are Junkie For Love, #Dedicated2U (yes I am allowed to like a snippet), and What I Need. I also recommend listening to Flashback. At the very least these four songs deserve a listen. Overall, I would rate the artist’s sound at 8.5/10. I can see this man reaching some high bars, both in rap and vocals. His talent is obvious and the music is very catchy and enjoyable. Go check out his Audiomack channel and give him a listen:

-Austin Heath

Artist Recommendation – Devin Shorey

Devin Shorey is a House artist who specializes in remixing many under-appreciated tracks ranging from Alternative to Hip-Hop. The vibe is very summer-y and submerges the listener into a tropical atmosphere, which seems to be the goal.

The Delaware-based mixer is currently only 19 years old, but has begun his own radio show at Trinity College, where he currently attends. His music taste is similar to my own in several genres, giving him good music picks to remix. The question is, are these cosmetic changes to music enjoyable?

Without a doubt I can say that the music is interesting and unique. While the same design has been recycled for a few of his remixes, I have heard plenty of individual melodies on his tracks as well. The way I see Shorey’s music is that if you like one, you have a good chance of enjoying the others, and vice versa.

Now onto the songs I like the most. My personal favorite remixes are Says She Loves MeI Follow Rivers, Sleepless Pools and Teenage Crime, all of which will be in his playlist below. These all have a similar vibe while being unique from one each other, so do not let the first few seconds make you think otherwise.

Overall, I would rate the artist’s work at 9.25/10. I do like most of the mixes a lot, especially listening to them in warm weather, but I would love to see individual work from him. Also a bit more originality and experimenting with new sounds would be interesting, though I can understand wanting to avoid leaving a comfort zone right away. Playing ice hockey with Shorey was enough for me to know that he was talented, but this is another skill he has seriously applied himself to, and seems to be doing well.

Check out his music from Soundcloud below:

-Austin Heath

Artist Recommendation – Nyakz

The talk of the town (or genre) is RnB talent Nyakz, a singer who has established himself in the underground music scene in the UK. Coming from North London, Nyakz is also a song-writer and producer.

As of now, he only has two songs released, the second just dropping earlier today. I love them both, and my favorite of the two is yet to be determined. His sound is melodic and captures RnB but keeps a relevance using good production. His voice could be compared to RnB singer Tank.

Overall I would rate the artist’s sound at 9.75/10. So go ahead and give both songs a listen below, and I will most likely post any other works from the artist:

-Austin Heath