Music Recommendation – Single – Alona C, TV Clown

alona-cAlona C is a 25-year old artist who has seen experience through joining different groups throughout her music career. When dancing did not do the trick, she chose singing and came over to America from Israel (where she had grown up) to perform and create music. Now, I figure I should share my undisputed favorite song by the singer.

TV Clown is her second solo single after The Master Queen Of Love (which was a solid start). Her sequel tops her original performance and features more diverse instrumental influence. The song reminds me of a performance you would overhear at a restaurant while dining. The hook finally brings you in to listen to the song in full, and I love the harmonies on it.

I recommend listening to the song in full to really judge its liking. The pace hardly changes save for on the hook for a brief moment, but the instrumental sound becomes more apparent as the song continues. The piano beat carries the song, but the guitar definitely contributes to its sound.

The brief “La-la” throws the song off from a Rock-esque sound and throws it into Pop a bit, and other than that, my only complaint is the brief silence in the middle of the track. It continues quickly enough but deceived me for a moment, and I figured it was worth warning.

Overall, I would rate the song at 9/10. Alona C is definitely worth a listen, especially TV Clown. The song has some heavy Progressive Rock influence but keeps modern throughout. You can check out the song below:

-Austin Heath