Music Recommendation – Single – Kid Ink ft. Trey Songz, Juicy J, 2 Chainz, and Chris Brown, “Show Me” (Remix)

show-me-remixIn case the original “Show Me” did not have enough Trey Songz, Juicy J, or 2 Chainz for you, the remix should definitely do its job. I really admire this remix in that it overs a solid rap verse from Juicy J (in fact one of his best), sensual RnB from Trey Songz, and an alternate piece from Kid Ink. Add that with Chris Brown’s already dope role, and subtract a couple of points for 2 Chainz, and you have a remix that gives you everything you may have wanted from the original.

Combining Chris Brown and Trey Songz vocals has proven to be a great thing, but the way that these two overlap on this song turns out incredible. The lyrics feel a bit too raw (and slightly cringeworthy) at times, but these artists are not exactly known for keeping it subtle.

Overall, I would rate the remix at:


You can hear the remix below:

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Music Recommendation – Single – Jamie Foxx, Ain’t My Fault

Jamie Foxx’s singing career currently is similar to a bad surprise party. Jamie jumped out from behind the bookcase, but due to clumsiness he knocked it over and it fell over, hitting the birthday boy, who sued. When I say bookcase, of course I mean his first single, Party Ain’t A Party, and when I say birthday boy, I mean J. Rand. Sorry J. Rand, I actually have no clue when your birthday is.

Meanwhile, DJ Mustard and 2 Chainz were like those guys who forgot to put the screws in the faulty bookcase and awkwardly back up from the accident scene as sneakily as possible before running into the door and falling right next to the victim, trying to avoid eye contact and crawling behind poor Foxx.

What was I writing about again? Well Jamie Foxx has released his second single for his next album, whose release date and name we are still blissfully unaware of. I thought Party Ain’t A Party, though contradictory in the title, was a nice start but was not the comeback I was expecting. Ain’t My Fault was, however, everything that the comeback should have been.

Ain’t My Fault sounds much like the Jamie Foxx we expected if he were ever to return. Is it too late? Of course not inquisitive reader, this is only his second single in years, and usually artists have three chances before an experienced listener can assume they will not like the rest (or at least not enough to justify listening anymore).

The song itself is a bit creepy, but it’s Jamie Foxx, he can make creepy sound smooth as hell. The song is about the fact that it is not his fault for being attracted to a woman who is trying to look beautiful. I find few things wrong with the song other than the hook is a bit too repetitive and lacks some extra lyricism to top off the phrase “ain’t my fault” such as “that you look so beautiful” or something odd like that. His voice does crack a bit in the intro, which I am not completely sure is on purpose of what.

I used way too much space on one song, but I did feel like for Jamie Foxx, it is worth it. So overall, I would rate the song at 9.5/10. It’s one of my favorites right now, so obviously it did the trick and it is a rather good song. Take a listen below and see if you like it:

-Austin Heath

P.S. Yes there’s more. This is my review of the clean version, as I feel that would be the more enjoyable of the two (which is a rare choice for me).

Music Recommendation – Single – DJ Drama ft. Trey Songz, 2 Chainz, and Big Sean, Oh My (Remix)

I said earlier I would post a bit about DJ Drama over the course of this blog’s life, and I will hold on to that promise for a while. Oh My, though not my favorite DJ Drama song, it is my second favorite and is an all-timer on my list. But why does this track hold a special place in my heart?

The Oh My remix is way better than the original, which is still decent. 2 Chainz has a very weak verse, but the hook is definitely fire. Trey Songz delivers the message that he wants to get in your pants pretty well, and Big Sean drops some good bars in a short time period. If you like any one of these artists you will most likely enjoy this song.

Really the only reason this song is in my all-timer list is because of the hook. I’ve listened to this thing so many times, Trey Songz kills it. But overall, I’m afraid I can’t give the song above a 8.5/10. Big Sean’s verse is good and Trey does well on his, but the hook is really the reason to listen to the song. Verses aren’t very memorable, but still solid. I still think it is worth a listen, after all it was my favorite song for well over a year:

-Austin Heath