AMP has loads of special features that go off the usual Album, Single and Artist review and recommendation. These include the following:

Hear It First – Hear music soon after it is released and may or may not become the next big thing. Perfect for all your hipster needs.

Throwback Thursday – Every Thursday, a post goes up about a song released at least five years prior to the article’s date of release. Popular and loved music from 1950’s up to 2009 or so can be expected.

Favorites Friday – Every Friday, a post goes up explaining one of my favorite songs over the years. These are stand-out articles from just music recommendations in how much they have affected my life or situation. These songs tend to be a bit more popular than the slept-on songs in music, album and artist recommendations.

Guilty Pleasure – This one is more at random and very occasional, but sometimes I will share a song in which I hate that I love it. This can be popular music, girly music, popular girly music, and plenty more.

YouTube – AMP’s YouTube channel is currently up, which is still under development. Expect posts to be published on this site to notify the release of a new video.

And much more – Predictions, speculation, news round-ups, and more can be expected on Austin’s Music Picks. Stay tuned everyday and expect enjoyable new music for every listener.

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