AMP’s Day Off

Today has been a bit of a day off for my writing. I wanted to give my viewers an opportunity to catch up on previous music and write in their own. So if there is any music worth sharing, leave it in a comment below! To find a new song, click the “Surprise Me!” annotation in the header bar.

Thanks for reading and listening, see you tomorrow for some great new music!

-Austin Heath

Merry Christmas From AMP!

christmas-notesAMP wants to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Here’s to hoping you got the merriest gifts and had the cheeriest day. Comment any music-related gifts that you received below.

If anybody cares, I was given a “Support Local Music” shirt that I had been eyeballing for a while, so I was grateful towards my parents for that gift. As Christmas wraps up, go ahead and enjoy the recent star-studded Band Aid 30 Do They Know It’s Christmas cover below:

-Austin Heath

AMP’s Official YouTube Account Launched

YouTube-logoAMP has launched its official YouTube account today. There are some big plans for this channel, but I don’t want to spoil anyone just yet. Not to mention I have a lot of work cut out for me before I launch a few of these ideas, including finding some hosts, cameramen and video editors. Also a few purchases need to be made to put everything in order.

The best thing to do is keep an eye on the channel for the next few months. I will be adding it to the sidebar soon enough. Hell, subscribe if you’re feeling generous. Below is a link to the new channel:

-Austin Heath

On The Recent Lack Of Activity

I felt the need to update readers that my activity will resume tomorrow when writing. I have spent the last weekend with my long distance girlfriend, so only one article a day was possible from Thanksgiving to present. Sadly, she departed today and flew home.

When I wake up tomorrow, I will officially begin an increase in activity to make up for my lack of posting. You can check out the archives or click “Surprise Me!” to find new music while you wait. Thank you for staying with the site despite not writing, I cannot wait to show some new hits this week.

-Austin Heath

Recap Of Some Heavy Changes On AMP

I hate change, believe me. I am only making the interface easier for usage, but just to make sure I don’t ruin the fun and simplicity for anyone I’ll break down what I have done the last couple of days:

1. Added a banner photo I got from Snapchat. Am I a professional photographer yet?

2. Added some more menu bars up top so readers can better navigate the site and its content.

3. Turned the “Random article” into “Surprise Me!” but I am only mentioning this because it is a nifty little button.

4. Changed the site’s colors, which means I will have to make some serious revisions to the Twitter and Facebook pages this week. No matter, I think the Grey and Black looks sleeker.

5. Added contact page, follow button, and Twitter/Facebook feed (which feature some extra sarcastic wit for kicks and giggles).

6. Written less articles this week, but that is only because of my long-term planning that I have been focusing on. Starting tomorrow things will go back to normal and music picks will be rampant again.

So what do we think of these changes? Any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments if there is anything not fit to your liking or any questions with the new changes.

Top 50 All-Time Favorite Songs

I do not expect anyone to listen to this whole list, but in order to celebrate our one month of existence (even though it was yesterday and I just kind of missed it) I uploaded my official list of favorite songs all-time.I may write about a couple of these in the near future, but for now you can glance at the list below and get a good idea of my taste in music:

-Austin Heath

P.S. Instead of having to listen to them all to find out, you can click the icon at the bottom of the video screen that, when hovering over, reads “playlist” and click it. The list will pop up on the side and you can scroll down. The list starts at 50 with I Can’t Believe It.

AMP Long-Term Plans

While I’m working at this project, I like to keep readers updated on what’s going on. Over the course of the last week or so I have been putting together the idea of making my own website. While originally I was going to move everything off of, I have decided to keep this blog here but still have my own music website. However, under the site will be subsites featuring blogs from other listeners writing everyday with different music tastes (including this very blog).

I’m not sure how to advance at this point, so I’m taking it slow and project that everything will be in order by around February 2015. While there will be some big moves, this site will be staying here and the goal is only to give listeners more options to enjoy new music. I can’t force myself to write about music I don’t like but may appeal to others, so I will be adding more people to my crew.

Again, this blog won’t be going anywhere, and I am only adding to the network. My goal is to appeal to more listeners with different tastes than my own and to cover every genre on one site. Thanks for reading here, every view is appreciated! PSA over.

-Austin Heath