Hear It First – Rae Sremmurd ft. Nicki Minaj and Young Thug, Throw Sum Mo

throw-somI will not comment on how wrong the song’s title is (Oh Hip-Hop), but regardless three of our favorite rappers (well, technically four) have brought us another song. In all honesty, I do not find it terrible, and in fact might feature one of the better verses of Young Thug’s career. The sound can come off a bit rough, but at least the vocals of Rae Sremmurd aren’t cracking like a sidewalk built in the 1950’s.

I heard rumors that this song’s beat, which comes to us from Soundz, Sway Lee & Slim Jimmy, was a bit of a rip-off (though I have yet to figure out what song). I find it original and intriguing, so props on that. The heavy bass carries the hook well and is subtle while keeping up with the general “strip-club” tone.

Don’t forget to purchase the upcoming albums for Rae Sremmurd and Nicki Minaj! Okay, all jokes aside, I posted this as I see the potential for appeal in this new hit. So you can follow the link and hear the song first below if you please:


-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – BUNT., Harmonica

I do not want it to look like I messed up the title, BUNT. actually has the period at the end of its name. Just like fun. and why. No I mean like why would you do that, it only confuses me.

In all honesty I find Harmonica a decent Country song, though it is hard for me to judge a song of a genre I hardly pay attention to. This review is basically the same as Gordon Ramsey reviewing bicycle brands or the viewers of HotNewHipHop.com rating, well, any song. I never listen to the biased viewer votes (all the Young Thug lovers can screw off to another site please).

Again, I will not be very good at this, so even in a Country recommendation I am bound to mention Hip-Hop for some uncalled-for reason. But Harmonica is an upbeat track that almost sounds like Future on a country song. The beat is quite different from what I imagined Country music sounding like, and the originality of the track is definitely notable. Unfortunately the acoustic guitar alongside the beat can get a bit tedious and just feels like it is forcing the song to be Country. Basically what I am trying to say is the song is closer to EDM/Dance than Country.

Well this sucks, now I am hardly even reviewing a Country song like my goal was. So much for changing things up tonight, procrastination wins a deceitful victory over me. Regardless, the song deserves a solid 9.25/10. It is Country x EDM and is innovative in that it leans more towards Country than, say, Wake Me Up tries to. The Harmonica is evident, so the title does not lie.

Give the song a listen below:

-Austin Heath