Music Recommendation – Single – We The Kings, Stone Walls

we-the-kingsWe The Kings have returned with a single off of their Stripped acoustic album. This one is Stone Walls, which reminds me of Art Of War in its calm and mellow attitude. I am exhausted so expect little breakdown or sarcasm.

The song has a slow pace and meaningful lyricism (Even Travis announced his pride in his work on these lyrics). Speaking of Travis, his voice sounds magnificent. The guitar is emphasized throughout though, and later the song smoothly transitions into a crowd chanting the phrase “We are all we are, we are who we are.” One of those in the crowd is my girlfriend, who attended the concert at Northwest Missouri State University, where they recorded this part.

Overall, I would rate the song at 9.75/10. It is a relaxing and enjoyable listen, but the lack of pace-change until near the end might push away listeners. Otherwise, the song is sound and truly worth listening to. You can listen to the song below:

-Austin Heath

Artist Recommendation – We The Kings

My next recommendation is actually not one but a group of artists. Famous for their Vans Warped Tour appearances and vlogging band members, We The Kings are an alternative-pop group consisting of five members after Drew Thomsen left and was replaced by Charles Trippy and Coley O’Toole in 2011. My girlfriend actually introduced me to the group, after watching their guitarist Charles’ vlogs on YouTube since she was 12 and following him since.

The members, including drummer Danny Duncan, Charles Trippy, singer Travis Clark, guitarist Hunter Thomsen (Drew’s brother) and keyboardist Coley O’Toole, make up We The Kings currently and recently released their album Somewhere Somehow back in December 2013. In my opinion, these songs have been so far their best works and the album overall is consistently good.

Before Somewhere Somehow, however, the group had released three other albums, two of which were before the band change. These albums, in order, are We The Kings, Smile Kid, and Sunshine State of Mind. The band’s sound is catchy and each band member’s role in the group is evident in every song. Singer Travis’ voice is well-tuned and gives the band a huge chance at success. The band’s talent has been recognized by Billboard and MTV over the last couple of years.

I’m leaving my favorite WTK songs below, and also recommend checking out the blogs of Travis, Danny, and Charles on YouTube. Just search TravisClarkTV, CTFxC, or DLV online. But their music is definitely not something to pass on, the songs are catchy and sound great.

Overall, I would rate the band’s sound at around 9.5/10. Despite sometimes repetitive tracks at times and lack of collaborations (though they do have a song featuring Demi Lovato), the songs can be inspirational and passionate while having a great pop-alternative sound that I really enjoy. I say at least give some of my favorites below a listen, and if you like those check out some of their other songs (particularly from their fourth album):

-Austin Heath