Music Recommendation – Single – Wash ft. Trey Songz, Lonely

washMy return to AMP will be strong with a new release that is easily becoming my favorite song. Wash returns from his success on Don’t Trust Thots with French Montana by creating an even better follow-up in Lonely. The song is great RnB listening with Trey Songz carrying plenty of the song.

Lately, Trey has really fallen off. I have been disappointed with much of his recent work, especially his album Trigga. However, his part in Lonely alongside Wash and over a beat with production by Maejor Ali is superb and gives me the funny, completely heterosexual feeling I get when listening to his voice.

Meanwhile, Wash sounds solid and his voice is well ranged. I believe I will appreciate his voice on a song outside of this one. Oh, and I am always impressed with Maejor’s production work, so there’s that.

The vocals can be over mixed a little, but the love song is catchy and enjoyable. Wash sounds incredibly similar to Trey, so this duet was an excellent match. If you enjoy Trey Songz’s voice, it will be hard not to love Wash’s.

Overall, I would rate the song at 9.5/10. I am in a committed relationship with RnB, so it should be predicted that I will recommend this to a fellow RnB fan. The general appeal seems like it can reach outside this group though. You can check out the song below:

-Austin Heath