Album Review – Tyler Carter, “Leave Your Love” (EP)

leave-your-love-tyler-carterTyler Carter has the ability to make some excellent and diverse music, ranging from Pop to Metalcore. The lead singer of Issues released his new EP, Leave Your Love, earlier this week to stream on YouTube. The album has a bit more of a Soulful Pop tone and includes only one feature.

So how does the solo work of Tyler Carter compare to that of his popular hits with his band? Let’s break down this album track by track and find out:

1. Sophisticated – The beat is rather basic and the vocal production feels a bit subpar, but Sophisticated is an enjoyable song. The hook seems to just go on for too long, though. I can nitpick this song quite a bit, as little aspects just feel overlooked. It focuses more on the hook than anything else, which while catchy, reaches a point where it is not as enjoyable and just makes the song feel shorter than it actually is. There is something about the song that makes it easy to listen to, however, and Tyler Carter’s voice sounds passionate and flows well with the beat.


2. Leave Your Love – The title track of the EP is a bit more mellow and soulful than Sophisticated, showing the diversity of Tyler Carter’s music.  Leave Your Love‘s tone reminds me a bit of The Weeknd but has a bit more vocal editing and extra notes behind lyrics. These can be a bit excessive, but otherwise the song is enjoyable. The end of the chorus is especially catchy and the fade out instrumental is beautifully composed and executed.


3. Georgia – Already reviewed this song here. Sidenote: This song has become incredibly catchy due to its simple lyrics and soulful sound. Though the rating was not incredibly high, it does deserve a listen.


4. So Slow – Despite starting the musical aspect way too late, So Slow actually becomes a great listen. The song sounds similar to Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E. sound. You know, amazing RnB? The flow in the second stanza is a bit off at times, but the whole song is a great pace and my only wish it that it had ceased the talking part earlier. Though the random pitch sounds for a bridge could have been dealt with any other way perhaps.


5. Tears On The Runway (Pt. 1) ft. Nylo – Two-parters are always interesting, especially when lined up together. Sadly, this one will not get a part two for a while. The duet is rather low-key and features heartfelt lyricism. The chorus is a bit brief, but it is enjoyable. This is my first encounter with Nylo, and her voice is unique, though not very ranged. Tyler Carter’s synth-based and tuned vocals sound a bit too much like the Jonas Brothers for me on this song, but it is still a fine listen.


6. Find Me – Find Me caps off the album decently, as the song capitalizes on the mistakes of the previous songs by adding a bit more emphasis on the points put into the verses. The song is a bit explicit, but feels more emotionally connected with Tyler Carter. The vocals are a bit rough, but have points where they are more impressive. The song is a bit average and hardly stands out as making the album great, but is not difficult to enjoy.


So overall, the EP averages out to a score of about:


The EP is a bit messy in its sound quality and composition, but the songs are diverse and interesting to hear. There are plenty of catchy melodies worth hearing and I would say listening to the EP in full is not a mistake, but is not necessarily going to be considered a “slept-on album” if it does not get the attention it was made to receive.

I still enjoy Tyler Carter’s solo music quite a bit, though this EP had its flaws. I just want to see these flaws practiced on and a full EP released with a couple of features and better faith in Tyler Carter’s voice. I have seen mixed reviews, and mixed is exactly how I feel about these six songs.

You can stream the EP below on YouTube, along with pre-ordering it on iTunes for its January 2015 release here (So I don’t feel like such an industry killer by only sharing the stream and have Taylor Swift show up at my door):

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Tyler Carter, Georgia

Tyler-CarterI am one of the tiny minority who seems to enjoy Tyler Carter’s solo work more than his songs with Issues. Georgia is part of a new EP Carter is releasing on his own soon. I am hyped for that, especially after how much I loved Side To Side (read that old article here).

While I may not like this song as much as Side To Side due to its general over-Pop-iness, I do find this an enjoyable song. The hook is very catchy, and the vocal editing may be a bit much, but it is still fun to hear. I see a lot of hate for this song, and I hardly think it deserves that. The song is a catchy Pop-like tune, and some repetitive lyrics in verses may or may not find their way in your head as you try to do actual productive work to help society.

Honestly, the screaming (not Metal screaming, just yelling) on the last hook drives me a bit crazy. That drops the appeal quite a bit. Overall, I would rate the new song at:


It is basically Issue’s Mad At Myself, but without the metalcore part. I would never call Tyler Carter’s solo music (for the most part) Metal though. Anyways, you can hear the song and watch the music video below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Issues, Hooligans (Acoustic Version)

Call me soft, call me any name you want, but I can still say I like Hooligans‘ acoustic version best and still possess testicles. I’ve already known Tyler Carter has a great voice, but if anyone ever doubted that, I feel like this song ruins those doubts.

The instrumental sounds amazing throughout and my only honest complaint would be the slight wait before Carter begins singing, which is hardly viable when the whole band sounds great. At this point it is seriously difficult to find a reason to not like Issues as a group, whether you are a Metal fan or not.

I will try to keep this one brief as I want to emphasize the song. Overall, I would rate it at 9.5/10. I seriously recommend a listen below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Breathe Carolina ft. Tyler Carter, Chasing Hearts

I know plenty of people have heard Chasing Hearts, but I also know many have not listened to it after seeing it by Breathe Carolina. That’s okay though, the song is very good and deserves extra attention even if you have already heard it. I almost feel bad for categorizing this as EDM, both David Schmidtt and Tyler Carter sing very well here.

The song features a lot of piano and still keeps a good beat. Not typical of Breathe Carolina or Tyler Carter, the song is a little upbeat on the hook but the majority of the song isn’t too crazy. Tyler Carter definitely steals the show in my opinion. Overall I’d rate the song around 9/10. Definitely give it a listen below, enjoy:

-Austin Heath

P.S. You can go ahead and skip to 0:48 if you want the song right away. You’re welcome.

Music Recommendation – Single – Tyler Carter, Side to Side

Tyler Carter, lead singer for The Issues, happens to have an awesome singing voice. One of his most popular solo works, Side to Side is an underrated song, despite being released years ago, due to its alternative sound despite coming from the lead singer of a metal band. Therefore it lacks appeal to those who like more hardcore music, while those who don’t like his type of music will not bother to listen to him. It is a shame because this song is damn good.

Carter’s love song features a bit of the infamous autotune, which is not very characteristic of him. The sound is very good though, should appeal to any listener despite your music tastes. My only complaint is the “talking” in the bridge of the track, but the song itself is worth the slight break in singing.

Overall I give the song a 8.75/10. Give it a listen below and enjoy:

-Austin Heath