Favorites Friday – Chris Brown ft. Tyga and Kevin McCall, “Deuces”

Remember the days when Chris Brown acted like a deucebag? Well, more than he does now. As horrible as he was for a while, I always have to be the guy who points out at how amazing Brown’s music was around this time. His F.A.M.E. album stole the show, and much of the props have to go to this song’s success.

Can I say that this may be the only song I actually enjoy listening to Tyga rap? Of course, Kevin McCall steals the show, but the whole track is a masterpiece. Chris Brown sets the mood, Tyga opens up a bit, and Kevin McCall finishes it by not giving a single f*ck. The instrumental is spectacular and some of the best production I have ever heard to date, and this song ranks as one of the overall best songs I have ever heard for its genre.

Despite it not making my Top 50 this year, the song ranks in my all-time favorites and could easily break the cusp any year. The lyrics, the tone, everything about “Deuces” makes it a great break-up song. Overall, I would rate it at:


While this may be one of my most opinionated 10/10’s, this song is timeless and has been regarded by many as one of the best. Any RnB and Hip-Hop fan can see why “Deuces” is so critically acclaimed. And now for the quotable part: Anytime one of the artists says the word “Deuces”, I find the reflex to put two fingers in the air immediately.

Now you can check out one of my favorite songs below and enjoy with me:

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Music Recommendation – Single – Anaji World ft. Tyga, Nobody

Okay, I was going to hold off, but this one was definitely worth sharing. Nobody is a freshly released song by Anaji World and features everyone’s favorite Twitter fighter, Tyga.

Tyga sounds the same-old, in other words basically skippable. I think the song would be better as a solo work by Anaji, but I can see the appeal of having a big name on the song. Believe it or not I do actually have good things to say about some of Tyga’s music, but this is just not one of them. The verse is off-pace and off-focus.

The love song is defiant and sweet, but the beat feels way off from the lyrics. The beat should have been way more low-key and emphasized the vocals. I still have to give it a 8.5/10, as the song is very enjoyable. I recommend a listen below:

-Austin Heath

Update: We have just received exclusive pics of a physical altercation between Tyga and Drake on the subject of their Twitter battle over Kylie Jenner:


Music Recommendation – Single – Trae Tha Truth, I’m On 2.0

There is honestly no point of listing all of the rappers in this song. I just wrote about I’m On earlier, which is the original Trae song. The “remix” (even though it hardly sounds like the original, so I just call it a sequel) is actually quite good. Any rapper who you may call “crap” or “not good” could prove you wrong with this song, as the verses are rather good, if not unfocused.

I said my complaint in the last one and I will say it again, what is this song trying to convey? You are on what, exactly? The verses sound excellent and the music is good but it feels empty. Even though the second I’m On is the same length as the first, 2.0 features several more appearances.

So now I go through that thing where I rank the verses, though this one is a bit easier than the first I’m On because there are actually some not-so-great parts in this song here and there:

1. Kendrick Lamar (who else did you expect me to pick?)

2. B.o.B

3. Bun B

4. J. Cole

5. Jadakiss

6. Big K.R.I.T.

7. Gudda Gudda (actually not bad)

8. Tyga

When I say rapfest about these songs, it is not only because of the amount of popular rappers on two tracks, but also how many are in the music videos (a lot, by the way). So overall, I would rate the song at 9.5/10. Some very solid verses and a great song, but no chorus sadly and a couple of a disappointing Tyga verse (but then again, what did you expect?).

Give it a listen below:

-Austin Heath

Hear It First – Tyga, 40 Mill

I actually think this is one of Tyga’s better tracks, but not really an appealing song to me. It was, however, partly produced by Kanye West. The beat is extremely original and would be impressive if put on any other artist’s track.

Since this is a Hear It First, I’ll let you listen and see what you think. For now you’ll have to go over to HotNewHipHop.com to get a good listen:


-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Tyga ft. Chris Brown, For The Road

This song seriously bothers me. Unlike others, I have always been able to somewhat tolerate Tyga. However this song throws me off the deep end and I want to express my confusion from this track.

The hook is amazing. Chris Brown in general in this song, is amazing. Tyga, not so much. Not at all really. I don’t know how that happened but the song is so biased, wow. The song has the general message of doing it before they break up, which is a little cringeworthy. But the way that Chris Brown sings it makes you forget about what he’s talking about, the hook and Brown’s verse are quite incredible and some of his best work.

Overall, it’s very hard to rate this song neutrally. I will do my best though and say 7.75/10. In the end, Tyga sounds like more of the same but Chris Brown is worth the wait through Tyga rapping. Give it a listen and see what you think:

-Austin Heath

P.S. I know a lot of people have already heard this one but I needed to vent out some frustration on the subject. So hard to rate/review man.