Music Recommendation – Single – Twista ft. Tech N9ne, “Crisis”

twistaWant one of those Rap songs that you cannot keep up with? Then Crisis is perfect for you. Tech N9ne starts with a hard verse and transitions into a chorus that is the opposite of easy to remember. Twista’s verse is just as fast and just does not seem to stop. If I could sum up this song in one word, it is skjghiahdfsiosrguigh.

The beat stands out in a bad way at times, and can overcome the already insane verses by Tech N9ne and Twista. These two partner up well together, as proven before, and create a crazy Hip-Hop storm. The song is recent, on Twista’s Dark Horse album but has a classic feel from both artists.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


This song spits some insane lyrics, whose words and message are rather hard to get out of the song. If you like insane and up-beat Rap, this might make you squirm in excitement. You can check out the song and its music video below:

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Music Recommendation – Single – Dillon Francis ft. The Rejectz and Twista, All That

I am starting to accept the idea that Hip-Hop, Trap and EDM in general can intermingle like three freshmen at a high school homecoming and come up with something even more entertaining than the boy’s face in that grind trifecta. I digress, but the progressive notion that Rap can work with EDM is really appealing to me, not just for its experimentation but the fact that I love both genres for their own individual reasons.

In case somehow it was unknown, I admire Twista. When you can rap faster than I can even process the words in my head, you have some real talent. There is so much talk about Busta Rhymes (who yes can be a great rapper at times) but Twista, a rapper with way more talent and a better flow, should never be shadowed by him. The Rejectz sound decent, definitely make the song a club-hopper. But in case that doesn’t do the trick, that beat-drop bridge will do the trick and make the song a serious rager.

Keep in mind if you are an EDM junkie and lean more away from Hip-Hop, All That will not be your song. Dillon Francis does excellent on production but the fat kid on the see-saw is Rap. EDM has its legs dangling while Hip-Hop dominates this song’s sound, which I have no complaints about. I have to admit I do prefer Twista’s verses to the hook, which is uncommon for me to pull away from a chorus. Regardless the song is still a fun listen.

Overall, I would rate the party track at 9.25/10. This is a superb combination of Dance and EDM with Hip-Hop and Rap, and the trend for the blend (I’m a poet and I was not knowledgeble of this fact) is quite entertaining. You can take the link to Audiomack and listen to the track:

-Austin Heath

EDIT: Also considering reviewing the Money Sucks, Friends Rule album, which just came out this week. You can find it on Spotify and iTunes but I am going to give it a good listen, as Dillon Francis has only impressed me so far (including with his Chords remix).

Music Recommendation – Single – DJ Khaled, Welcome to My Hood (Remix)

I listed the artists featured in the song below, as there are a lot. This legendary collaboration comes from DJ Khaled’s 2011 album, We The Best Forever. The first 10 ranked verses are pretty insane, and this 7-minute rap-fest is impressive all-together.

In the end, it was hard to rank some of these. Even at #6 I think Ludacris is one of the best verses on the track, but the others above him are still even better. T-Pain kind of ditches the hook after the first couple of verses, but it hardly changes the pace of the song.

Overall, I would rate the song at around 9.5/10. One of the best rap songs out there and highly underrated, Welcome to My Hood has a couple of disappointing verses but features some great talent from several notable rappers. Here are my rankings on the features in the song, which you can listen to below the list:

1. Ace Hood

2. T-Pain

3. Twista

4. Bun B

5. Busta Rhymes

6. Ludacris

7. Game

8. Jadakiss

9. Wake Flocka

10. Fat Joe

11. Mavado

12. Birdman

13. DJ Khaled

-Austin Heath