Music Recommendation – Single – Zeds Dead ft. Twin Shadow and D’Angelo Lacy, Lost You

Dance/EDM usually isn’t high on my “To-Write” list (yes, I do have a list clogged with songs still that spans pages) but this song really stuck out. Found it on Twitter after seeing it recommended by a radio host, a group of listeners who tend to find good music before the general crowd. I had to give it a listen, which I do not regret.

I have never been familiar with any of these artists, but together they make an incredible collaboration. Despite being more focused on the Electronic aspect of the track, the vocals are quite a nice touch and make the song a good radio play. The bridge at around the 2-minute mark is quite remarkable, and the sound overall is very pleasant and enjoyable.

Overall I would rate the song a 8.75/10. Awesome track and plenty of good things to say about it, but ultimately not everyone will love it and it can get a bit repetitive at times. Go ahead and listen below, you can watch as well, but the video is slightly very bizarre:

-Austin Heath