Music Recommendation – Single – Martin Garrix and MOTi, Virus (How About Now)

Remember that time when I said I have trouble sitting through a vocal-less EDM track? You know, back not even 24 hours ago? Well Martin Garrix almost changed that, except after about 2 minutes into the song, vocals do in fact come to play. I feel as though this is a special “thank you” to anyone who listened for longer than a minute.

I was immediately impressed with the bassline and synths that occur without affecting the voice of the singer (whose name I still cannot figure out). The beat-drop into the hook is rather sick, and I have been stuck on this song all day.

Overall, I have to rate the song a 10/10. It’s a simple EDM track with vocals plugged in to keep the listener excited, which is a unique idea. The beat is rather hyping and I cannot find a flaw in this song. I know I am a bit lacking in EDM knowledge, however I can safely say this is quite a good song.

I seriously say give it a listen below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – BBC Music, God Only Knows

Though I am about a week late for this one, BBC Music released a cover of God Only Knows by the Beach Boys. Normally I wouldn’t pay much attention to this one, except that the song is covered by 29 different artists ranging from Coldplay’s Chris Martin to One Direction to Lorde to even Stevie Wonder! There are so many huge names in this one, and each one sounds incredible.

Not much to say other than this is a classic converted into a historic video. BBC simply amazes me with this ingenious idea. If I had to pick a favorite 5-second piece, it would definitely be Stevie Wonder’s.

There is no part of me that finds this imperfect. That’s why I am rating it 10/10. A modern cover full of amazing voices, what more could you ask for? The song itself is not my favorite but it is truly a unique idea.

See how many artists you recognize below, then read the list of associated acts being over at Now enjoy the listening and be amazed like myself:

-Austin Heath

Favorites Friday – Enrique Iglesias ft. Ciara, Takin’ Back My Love

I have been waiting for this day all week, and with the first “Favorites Friday” on AMP, I have to show everyone my all-time #1 favorite song. An awful lot of people have heard this one, but I have to share it anyways so you can be aware of my undisputed #1 pick.

Without a doubt, Takin’ Back My Love is my favorite song. Ever. Seriously, out of every song I’ve ever heard to date, this is the best. Well, maybe not the best, but it is the one I still enjoy listening to the most. The track is passionate and energetic, and both voices are incredible. There is so much life in the song and this is another example of playing actor in music.

The song is similar to a typical break-up song, yet it feels so unique in the background sound and the passion from both ends of the duet. I know plenty of people who have not liked it, and it is hard to rate this neutrally, so bare with me.

I have to give this a 10/10 and seriously recommend a listen if you have not heard it already. Either way I have been pumped to reveal my favorite song all-time, one of those things you can’t explain but it is just undisputed #1. Enjoy below for old time’s sake or for the first time:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Tech N9ne ft. Hopsin and B.o.B, Am I A Psycho

With Halloween creeping up this month, now is the time to show off the perfect hip-hop song. Am I A Psycho features a few chilling verses from Tech N9ne, Hopsin, and B.o.B. Despite the bizarre statements from the song from all three rappers, it features unmatched and creative raps from all three artists. Am I A Psycho is quite the song, and I’m about to make a bold statement about it.

Earlier today I said in another post that Tech N9ne was one of the all-time greatest rappers, and Hopsin almost made my Top 10. And of course B.o.B is a solid rapper. However, with all three on this track together, I can say that Am I A Psycho is one of the all-time best rap songs to be released in several years.

Every verse is completely original and each passes off the insane act very well in their own different ways. Acting through music is a skill that many artists cannot achieve. It truly is awe-inspiring how deep Tech N9ne, Hopsin (especially) and B.o.B (for a very long time and on the hook) go in.

Overall, I have to give this one a 10/10. Yes, this is one of my top-rated tracks. This already has a lot of views but not nearly enough for a perfect song. I seriously recommend a listen to it below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – DJ Khaled ft. Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole and Ne-Yo, Legendary

Legendary is now over three years old, claiming a spot in DJ Khaled’s We The Best Forever album. I have to admit I don’t think I’ve heard a better song by DJ Khaled since this one, and I doubt I ever will. The song is quite remarkable in how incredible all three singers’ voices sound and the collaboration of Brown, Cole AND Ne-Yo on one song, but there is something I want to establish that makes this song stand out from many others.

Normally I would wait to post this until Friday with some of my favorites, but I want to save the more popular hits for that, as this song somehow has very few listens. What people are missing here is a serious hook, solid hard-working production, amazing vocals and a rise at Ne-Yo’s part that is normally hard to achieve without ruining the song. It always surprised me that this song never went big or even gained much popularity.

Unfortunately, it has been more than three years and this song won’t get anymore popular than it already is. However the meaning is quite inspirational and shows a beautiful side of RnB music that I wish we could see more. The lyricism that this song portrays should definitely be spread. Sadly, the words from Legendary are just not what’s in demand anymore. The lyrics are courageous and stand out, explaining how to be legendary without having to be rich and doing drugs and having sex. People don’t want to relate to it. It is such a shame that we rarely hear voices like these singing tracks like this.

In the end, I can not find a single thing wrong with this song. Even DJ Khaled gives some advice at the end, which he absolutely deserves to add as he put major work into the song. Edited vocals are not overdone and quality is very high.

Due to the amazing qualities of the lyrics while still pertaining to RnB sound and a creative but not abrasive beat that keeps up with the rise of the song, I have to put this song in a special category and give it a 10/10. This is absolutely a Top-Rated song in my books. Please give it a listen here:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Usher, Climax

Climax was a popular song a couple years ago, no doubt about it. I’m sure 90% of the readers of this article have heard it before. However this one is for that 10%, because this song is a rare piece.

Before I get into why this song is so important, I want to explain that this is not so much sexually-oriented like the title may suggest. Usher sings pure and passionately about how he and her just “gave up” on the relationship. The music video is very unimpressive for such a song as this, but that’s not too important. This song screams RnB/Soul and is one of Usher’s best.

Now, for the reason this post is so important. My rating for this song is 10/10. A perfect score, which I promise you is NOT easy at all. Part of the top-rated category, this song is, in my personal opinion, one of the greatest RnB songs of all time. This is all opinion but the song is quite amazing and I can’t find a flaw in it. Give it a listen below for old times’ sake or for the first time:

-Austin Heath