Artist Recommendation – Tony Collins

tony-collinsStraight out of New York City comes Tony Collins, an up-and-coming RnB singer whose often piano-based and soul-inspiring love ballads can be quite impressive. I discovered Tony Collins around the time I first heard Eric Bellinger, so I have known about his music for a while. I am glad to finally be getting to the calm and delicate sound of Tony Collins’ music.

Collins is notable for writing most of his own music, an impressive feat, especially for the level of beauty that his lyricism and songs contain. The vocal range of Tony Collins is outstanding and his voice can go from a loud and high pitch to a low and seductive tone. It is basically everything that I hope to sound like when singing the shower. What is most appealing is that can transition from rapping (though not my preference) into a melodious sound so quick. His music resembles that of Usher’s quite a bit, but more so his RnB-based sound.tony-collins-last-night

Of his music, which is mostly contained on 10-track album Last Night, my favorite song is Love Someone. Others that I enjoy include In The Mood, Everything Changed and Take It Off. While I was disappointed that the first part of his album started with a voice that was not his, I did enjoy the album overall and what it had to offer as a contribution to RnB/Soul.

Overall, I would rate the artist’s sound at:


Tony Collins has an incredibly unique and trained voice, though a few of his songs just feel like failed ventures to change up his sound. While I appreciate a change in song design, Collins is at his best when he sticks to his RnB-Pop music and its harmonious qualities.

You can check out his SoundCloud below and at least listen to my four favorites cited above. You can also find his album Last Night on iTunes here. Go ahead and enjoy the music below:

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