Music Recommendation – Single – The Shins, Caring Is Creepy

Contrary to the title of the song, Caring Is Creepy never mentions caring being creepy at all. It’s pretty difficult to get any message, or even lyrics, out of this song. It is damn good though.

The instrumentals behind the voice of singer James Mercer sound incredible, though they do dominate Mercer’s vocals a bit. The song is quite interesting throughout and is centered around the unique Indie-alternative sound it creates.

Overall, I would rate the song a 9/10. It may not be easy to understand and the instrumental may be most of the song, but it’s still rather good. I enjoy listening to it, especially before resting. It has almost an hypnotic sound that I think is worth a listen:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – The Shins, Simple Song

After you play this one, go ahead and listen to some more. The Shins are an awesome band with great music. But I want to focus on a particular song, Simple Song. If you’ve heard it before then chances are you recognize it from How I Met Your Mother, in the last 2 minutes of Season 8. I looked up the song and it instantly became one of my favorites for a long time (go ahead and bash me for not hearing it before it was on the television, I could care less).

The song starts out slow, with lyrics that are hard to interpret. The song picks up and the guitar and drums get louder. They do not dominate the passionate singing of James Mercer however. The relaxing Indie sound combines with the exciting drums and guitar and strong voice. Not much else to say about the song except that it is very much worthy of a listen. The lyrics catch on pretty quickly after a few listens, 8.75/10. So go ahead and enjoy:

-Austin Heath