Music Recommendation – Single – Dillon Francis ft. The Rejectz and Twista, All That

I am starting to accept the idea that Hip-Hop, Trap and EDM in general can intermingle like three freshmen at a high school homecoming and come up with something even more entertaining than the boy’s face in that grind trifecta. I digress, but the progressive notion that Rap can work with EDM is really appealing to me, not just for its experimentation but the fact that I love both genres for their own individual reasons.

In case somehow it was unknown, I admire Twista. When you can rap faster than I can even process the words in my head, you have some real talent. There is so much talk about Busta Rhymes (who yes can be a great rapper at times) but Twista, a rapper with way more talent and a better flow, should never be shadowed by him. The Rejectz sound decent, definitely make the song a club-hopper. But in case that doesn’t do the trick, that beat-drop bridge will do the trick and make the song a serious rager.

Keep in mind if you are an EDM junkie and lean more away from Hip-Hop, All That will not be your song. Dillon Francis does excellent on production but the fat kid on the see-saw is Rap. EDM has its legs dangling while Hip-Hop dominates this song’s sound, which I have no complaints about. I have to admit I do prefer Twista’s verses to the hook, which is uncommon for me to pull away from a chorus. Regardless the song is still a fun listen.

Overall, I would rate the party track at 9.25/10. This is a superb combination of Dance and EDM with Hip-Hop and Rap, and the trend for the blend (I’m a poet and I was not knowledgeble of this fact) is quite entertaining. You can take the link to Audiomack and listen to the track:

-Austin Heath

EDIT: Also considering reviewing the Money Sucks, Friends Rule album, which just came out this week. You can find it on Spotify and iTunes but I am going to give it a good listen, as Dillon Francis has only impressed me so far (including with his Chords remix).