Artist Recommendation – The House United

The-House-UnitedLet’s talk about me for a minute. If you have not realized it by now, I like talking about me. We can talk about the people that aren’t me later. Ain’t no word count limit.

I write for Infectious Magazine every week, where I cover news and new music by your favorite Rock, Punk and Pop acts. Amongst my favorite features of the site is the guest blog policy; Namely that instead of featuring new bands through news and songs, the site has these up-and-coming artists write their own articles about subjects ranging from favorite albums to how to manage creating a music video for an affordable price.

Welcomed as a guest writer was Carmel Buckingham of the band The House United. The post was called Top 10 Teen Angst Anthems, which gave a good preview of what to expect from the writer’s musical style. I would say it is safe to assume the list is scarily accurate. Just reading it made me hate my parents for no viable reason for a couple of minutes.

So after reading and going through some of the angst themes I had yet to hear, I finished off the article with a FATALITY. Wait, no, actually I listened to their hottest single, “Emergency”, at the bottom, which would end up being my favorite song by the group. Other songs I enjoyed include the title track of their album, Made Of Matches, and “Catastrophe”. Also, “Girls Who Can’t Have Fun” did make me feel empowered as a wom – man, pure and utter man.

Each of the four members come from different corners of North America but find a common place in their punk-based sound and “united” as The House United in Nashville. Buckingham’s voice can go from raw to a more tuned contrast, the latter of which I prefer. At times, some long notes go a bit awry and are just carried on, but cause the vocals to require to stay in a deeper range. However, each song starts out strong and this does not affect the music’s quality much. There is also a great emphasis and care taken for the instrumentals and production, most notably on guitar.

Overall, I like this group and Buckingham’s voice immediately reminds me of Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, lead singer of PVRIS. Members cite Angels & Airwaves, Muse, and more as their influences. I would rate The House United’s music from their debut album at:


So go out and support the group if you like you some Pop Punk like I do. Hey, are we talking about me again? You can purchase the Nashville-based band’s debut album Made Of Matches on iTunes here. The group plays loads of shows across the United States, so check out their official Facebook page for more information on that here. And lastly, go play “Emergency” below:

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