Throwback Thursday – The Get Up Kids, “Holiday”

the-get-up-kidsThe Get Up Kids are Indie-rock music back when it was good. The Kansas City-based band have released a number of albums and singles over the years since their formation in 1995, but “Holiday” might be one of their best songs. Their second album, Something To Write Home About, has always received mixed reviews since its release in 2000. However, it was ultimately the band’s biggest push as an Indie-rock band into mainstream.

“Holiday” is melodic and a great introduction into the album. The instrumental is compelling and the lyrics are signature early 2000’s punk, so hop aboard the teenage nostalgia train. The lyrics’ awesomeness makes the fact that the band wrote all of their music on this album even cooler.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


You can check out the throwback below:

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