Artist Recommendation – Sunroof

sunroofMontana’s own Jeff Simpson, AKA Sunroof, is a dream-core/pop singer who I discovered through Twitter. His music, however, merges numerous genres and is incredibly unique. The sound is something I have yet to hear before.

Simpson has been performing since 2012 and has gathered his works together in his first album Stargazing. This album and its sound have been praised by multiple writers; however, I wanted to add my own input on the experimental electronic-acoustic combinations in his music and share my favorite tracks by the artist.

Along with his own songs, Sunroof has uploaded numerous videos of covers and remixes. There is a serious loyalty to his work, making this hoe loyal. Forgive me if you are reading this Jeff Simpson, I in no way am implying you are a hoe. That is your choice, of course. You may (or please may not) also quote that if you wish.

Among his covers, remixes and original songs, my favorites would most likely be his title track for the album Stargazing, featuring a Alternative/Metal-type sound, Etherea and Time Travel, with their EDM-based basis, and the acoustic-based and longer-than-necessarily-needed-titled I Followed A Dream Out My Window.

My first song I head by Sunroof was Brave featuring SayWeCanFly. This song was also impressive, and I would not skip on any song even if they are not listed in my favorites.

With each song Sunroof brings a different sound. It is entertaining and keeps me wanting to hear more and finish the playlist. It is an incredible feat, and though the vocals can be a bit bland, the sound of the music is always so intriguing that it makes up for it. Overall, I would rate the artist’s sound at:


You can go through some of his popular tracks in the SoundCloud playlist below, from his official account. I think anyone could enjoy this music as it can appeal to so many genres. It’s funny though, a lot of his beats remind me of Owl City’s Fireflies and parts of its sound. That’s the first thing I think of when I hear a few, not sure how relevant that was though.

Go ahead and Sunroof a listen below:

-Austin Heath