Music Recommendation – Single – Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, “Wally’s Battle”

pokemonI don’t normally cover video game soundtracks, but I can swing any way. Strike that, I am open to anything. While I come up for a better way to phrase my acceptance of any position (dammit), let’s talk about the song.

I love Pokemon, and that is something you may or may not have needed to know. In case you have not played and forgot your childhood when you exited the womb, Wally is a young trainer who basically sucks up until your last battle with him after you are exhausted from battling plenty up to that point. His theme, therefore, hints at a tough battle and a serious reformation in character when it starts with some nasty (in a good way) guitar riffs.

In Pokemon, the Ruby/Sapphire games are known for their heavy brass influence. Therefore, when you approach a song with such a major change in sound it keeps it serious. While this is not my favorite track in the games’ tracklist (that belongs to the Elite Four’s theme, which I will leave below), it is definitely the coolest and easiest the listen to while not in-game.

Overall, I would rate the track at:


This is some excellent composing by the creators of this game, and I highly recommend it. While it does take a massive dump on the original nostalgia on the battle, it does manage to replace it correctly with an even better theme. That being said, I have seen mixed responses to the major change in a “remake” type of game.

Regardless of that, you can hear the theme below along with my favorite, which is played relatively soon after it:

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