Music Recommendation – Single – Slice 9 ft. Future and Levi Leer, Another One

Dating back to 2012, Another One features vocally-gifted Future (</sarcasm>) and rapper Levi Leer. In case you did not know, Slice 9 is a hip-hop/rap duo. I share this song for it’s hypeness.

To be honest, I have no idea what these guys are talking about in the song. But lyrics feel kind of pointless, it’s more or less a “club-hopper.” All three verses are solid but are tailored to highlight the party-vibe beat. The hook is catchy but more of the same.

I can find a lot of reasons not to like the song, but I know I liked it when I first heard it and I figure maybe others will. Overall, I would give the song a 6.25/10 but you can be the judge. I still find it worth a listen, so go ahead:

-Austin Heath