Music Recommendation – Single – Eric Bellinger ft. Sasha Jones, Instafamous

Eric Bellinger took a brief hiatus after releasing Choose Up Season, but has returned for his upcoming debut album Cuffing Season. He brings on Sasha Jones to drop his first single, Instafamous, released just yesterday. The song conveys both sides of sentiments relating to women attempting fame via everyone’s favorite ego-boosting photo-based site, Instagram.

The song is excellent in its story and argument, and Eric Bellinger has proved both through his writing and released music that he can tell a story well. I appreciate the honesty out of Bellinger and adding an opposing side to make the track almost a reverse-duet. Eric Bellinger is really taking the RnB front by storm, and I do not mind it. His voice, especially in this song, resembles that of Chris Brown.

The flow is solid, but the auto-tune is a bit more prominent than before. The words can be a bit untranslatable, but otherwise the song is sound. Sasha Jones uses her chance to showcase her beautiful voice, a sound I want to hear more in the future.

Overall I would rate the song at 9.25/10. You can stream the song below and see what you think:

-Austin Heath