Music Recommendation – Single – Aquilo, Human

Aquilo’s Human is an example of the mellow sound of the English duo. The song is slow and a bit dark, but the energy behind it is so calming yet reflective that I had to share it. Despite the emotional touch of Human, is it really a good song?

I have to say the song is actually really enjoyable. I have enjoyed listening to it several times, though I do not think I could with only one earphone. The song’s purpose is to take over your hearing space and submerge you into emotion.

S O H N was in charge of production, who I must say did pretty well on this one. The chaos of the hook can ruin the mood a bit, but it hardly makes it a bad song. Overall, I would rate the song at 9.25/10. I recommend a listen/reflection/entrance into depression below:

-Austin Heath